Kashrut Alert – Rabbi Saar Mizrachi Shlita

25 Shvat 5770
February 9, 2010

saar-mizrachi-shlitaSome people simply cannot get enough of a good thing. This might be the case with ‘Rabbi Saar Mizrachi Shlita’ who is now making inroads in the Jerusalem scene with his latest kashrus agency.

I remind veteran readers and introduce new readers to the rabbi shlita, who has been at the forefront of the unauthorized kashrus industry, bringing us Keter Kashrut, Tiferet HaKashrut, Kisei Eliyahu, Pe’er Naftali, and now, “Ishur Kashrut from Rabbi Saar Mizrachi Shlita”.

To view this latest addition, visit the JKN Unauthorized Kashrut Agencies page.

If you wish to see, you will be marveled that the agencies listed above all bear the same cellular telephone number at the bottom. Mizrachi has not bothered to change numbers, aware almost no one reads them.

Anyway, under the Keter Kashrut name, Mizrachi took the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to the Supreme Court, challenging his being listed as “unauthorized”. I am not reviewing the case here, but if you wish, an article on this also appears on the website.

Anyway, Mizrachi lost and not only that, as a result, the High Court of Justice authorized the Chief Rabbinate to revoke the kashrus certificate of any store that displays an unauthorized certificate.

This now empowers inspectors of the Chief Rabbinate Fraud Division to remove the unauthorized certificate along with her legitimate local religious council certificate as well, to compel a store to remove the unauthorized certificate.

Since that ruling, Mizrachi has shifted from providing kosher supervision to an ‘Ishur Kashrut’, sidestepping the law again. The latest ones, appearing after the High Court ruling, include Pe’er Naftali and the Rabbi Saar Mizrachi Shlita — both appear exactly the same [color and text] but with different headers.

Please, if you spot frauds and suspicious certificate, email me along with clear photos of a store sign, certificates displayed and whatever other information you can furnish, city, address and so-forth.

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  • ben
    February 9, 2010 - 12:00 | Permalink

    I think the teudot say ‘Ishur Hasgacha’ not ‘Ishur Kashrut’

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