Chief Rabbinate Update – 10/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 10

1 Adar 5770
February 14, 2010

chief-rabbinate-of-israel1An inspection of a number of  restaurants with kosher certification reveals that some are using Jerusalem Olive Oil (barcode 7290001855157), 4 liter containers, claiming to be under the supervision of the Kfar Saba Rabbinate and/or  Kochav Yair. A inquiry has revealed the oil is not under any kosher supervision and therefore, it may not be used. The inspection reveals it is not pure olive oil but a mixture of substances. (see the photo in item 1 left side of original document).


Pam Butter Flavored Spray Oil
[As was reported by JKN in October 2009], PAM spray oil, butter flavored, is kosher but dairy and contains non-chalav yisrael milk powder. One should be careful not to use it for items containing meat. (See photo 2 right side in original document).


Organic Apple Vinegar
Chometz Tapuchim Organi apple vinegar (barcode 8711812917869) manufactured in Holland and imported by Natur Food LTD and a food iron additive called Floradix manufactured in Germany, imported by the Germaza Company in Yokneam, are marked kosher with a “Hexagon-K” certification along with Badatz Ateret Yeshurun. 

Both products have not received approval of the Chief Rabbinate Import Department and as such, may not be used in facilities with Rabbanut certification. (Photo of Floradix may be seen at item 3, left side of original document).


Yona Tehina
An inspection of numerous locales reveals Yona Tehina is used (barcode 6253017300029) is manufactured in PA (Palestinian Authority) controlled Shechem and marked as kosher. It does not attribute its kosher status to any certifying agency in accordance with the law. Any establishment found using this product will have it certification revoked.


Gold Holland Style Greatest
The item barcode is 7290006920270, cheese protein product claims to be kosher without stating the agency certifying the kashrut, a violation of the law. One may not use this product in any facility certified by the Rabbanut. (See photo in item 5 left side of original document).

The Rabbinate reminds the public one should not use any item claiming to be kosher if the agency certifying it is not mentioned, a reality that should place a serious doubt regarding the kosher integrity of a product in one’s mind.


Sigmud Café/Restaurant – 28 Aza Street, Rechavia, Jerusalem
Gandhi Café/Restaurant – 29 Aza Street, Rechavia, Jerusalem
These restaurants display an Ateret Mehadrin certification which is not approved top grant kashrut certification. In addition, there is no teudah from the Jerusalem Rabbinate. (Item 6 right side in original document).



Gouda Trenta Cheese
This gouda cheese is imported from Holland, imported by the Gold Frost Company in Yavne exhibiting the Willi Food label. It claims to be kosher for those accepting non-chalav yisrael milk powder, under the supervision of the Netherland Rabbinate. The item is being sold in Blue Square supermarkets, yet it does not have an import permit from the Chief Rabbinate due to the non-chalav yisrael milk and it is being sold without authorization.


Organic Maple Syrup
Barcode 5708776000044, manufactured in Demark and imported by the Tov Teva Company, marked as parve under the supervision of Chabad Denmark. It does not have an import authorization from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and therefore should not be purchased and may not be used in establishments with Rabbanut certification.


According to the rabbi of the Gilboa Region, Rabbi Asher Gabbai Shlita, Mr. Oren Eliyahu, a resident of Moshav Avital, has reached an arrangement with the local rabbinate regarding trumot and ma’asrot (tithing) and therefore his produce are acceptable.

Kafri David Olive Oil
According to the Lev HaSharon Rabbinate, the supervision has been removed from the Kafri David olive oil production facility, made in Kfar Hess. The request to stop supervision came from the owner of the business.

Café Joe – Mevassret Tzion
The local rabbinate has restored its supervision to this Café Joe branch.

Birchas HaPesach Matzah Factory – Kibbutz Ein Tzurim
The matzah factory has received the kashrut certification of Rabbi Dov Lior Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba.

Glatt Grill Restaurant – Bilu Center, Kiryat Ekron
The local rabbinate has restored kosher certification.


Illegal Kashrut Certification – Kashrut Certification Revoked
Chanui Mashka’ot – sells meat with a kosher claim but has no kosher supervision from the Modi’in Region Rabbinate.

Toastarada – 1 Herzl Street – lost its supervision as of 18 Shvat.
Sushi-Koi – Lev Ashdod Shopping Center – does not have Ashdod Rabbinate supervision
Aluf Humus & Ful – does not have Ashdod Rabbinate supervision

Shnitzeliya – Rosenfeld Complex – Industrial Area 3 – kashrut revoked by rabbinate
Shlita Restaurant – Rosco Center HaKatan – kashrut revoked by rabbinate

Chopstick Chinese Restaurant – Hadera Mall – kashrut revoked by rabbinate.

Meuluchi HaZahav Restaurant – 8 Metzudat Betar and 8 HaAvoda St. – advertises as kosher but does not have Rabbanut kashrut as required by law.

Grill Bar Restaurant – Machanayim Junction. As the owners requested to remain open on Shabbat, the kashrut certificate was revoked.

Achla Sandwich – 5 Esther HaMalka Street – The owner requested to terminate kashrut supervison.

Pitzuchei Almanar B’Gadera – the regional rabbinate revoked the kosher certification as of January 18, 2010.

**Tata Restaurant – Herzl Street – kashrut revoked by rabbinate
**Shwarma – 119 Allenby St. – advertises as kosher but does not have Rabbanut supervision.
**Deloitte Café – Azrieli Tower (Round), 44th floor, advertises as being under the Tel Aviv Rabbinate but this is not so.
**La Balla Jiffa Restaurant – 8 Bat Ami Street. Has regular Rabbanut kashrut but advertises as being “glatt”.
**Mama Tzipora Restaurant – 63 Ben Yehuda Street – advertises as kosher but does not have Rabbanut supervision.
**TeAvone Bakery – 53 King George St. – advertises as kosher but does not have kashrut certification as required by law.
AS PURIM APPROACHES: This is a special alert for mashgichim, regarding oznei haman (hamentashen triangular cookies) distributed by distributors at reduced cost, presenting photocopies of kashrut certificates and authorizations seeking to attest to the kashrut of a specific bakery/factory. Such photocopies are of no value. Our experience has shown in many cases, there is simply no connection between the photocopied certificate and the item being sold. A mashgiach must verify the kosher integrity of the product by contacting the mashgiach in the bakery/factory. A genuine kashrut shipping document must bear the signature and stamp of the mashgiach from the bakery/factory dated the day of sale.

Some of the concerns regarding these items include; a non-Jew baking, not sifting flour, not setting aside challah from the dough, failure to separate between parve and dairy to name a few.
LATE ENTRY: The supervision was revoked from Maple Kiosk in the Rishon L’Tzion North Train Station. The decision was made after rabbonim learned a worker made meat grilled items on the dairy grill. Due to the severity of the infraction, the decision was made to immediately revoke the supervision.

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