Chief Rabbinate Update 008/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 008
January 7, 2010
21 Tevet  5770

chief-rabbinate-of-israel1One may view the original Hebrew document posted after the English translation. The photos will correspond to the same number item as it appears here in the English translation.

1. Alert concerning Balsamic sauce with strawberries (in a wine vinegar base) sold in 150cc bottles. The item originates in Italy, marked as kosher under the supervision of Rav Shalom Almaliach – Milano. The product does not carry a label showing it is approved by the Chief Rabbinate. Rabbi Almaliach has stated he does not give supervision to this product, which may contain non-kosher wine. (photo 1 left in Hebrew document).

2. Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable soup from the USA is marked ‘parve’ under the supervision of the Half-Moon K is being marketed without approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.  There are concerns regarding its kashrut. It is to be removed from shelves.

3. Three kilogram cans of cubed tomatoes under the “Tal” label. The cans were found in a number of catering establishments in the center of the country. There are no kosher markings on the can. Such items, without a kashrut marking, may not be used in any establishments with kosher superivison.

4. Pe’er Naftali – a new kosher certificate seen around Jerusalem [as reported by JKN]. A photo appears on the JKN website   and the article

The Rabbinate confirms this agency is not authorized to grant kosher certification.

5. Inspectors at Super Ari located at 12 Ha’Ari Street in Netanya found a sign attesting to the mehadrin kashrut of the establishment. The certificate was signed by someone calling himself Maari Machpud Yuval. A probe revealed the store does not have any kashrut supervision from the person mentioned.

6. The Holon Rabbinate has revoked its kashrut certification from the Argamon Hall located at 36 Eilat Street. The decision was prompted by serious kashrut violations.  As a result, the Rabbanut will not permit holding weddings in the hall since it is no longer certified as kosher.

7. Jerusalem Rabbinate officials have restored the kosher certification of the Dardarsiya Restaurant, located at 3 Kanfei Nesharim Street in the Givat Shaul area of Jerusalem.

8. Oren Eliyahu bug-less greens advertises itself [on product label] as being under the supervision of the Gilboa area Rabbanut and all tithes have been taken in compliance with halacha. The company, based in Moshav Avital, does not have kashrut supervision as claimed.

9. Hurazh produced in Turkey is sold as kosher under the supervision of the Rabbinate of Turkey. The item has not been approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and therefore, it should not be used.

10. Netivot Rabbinate officials report the Blue Square LTD. located in the Rosh HaAyin industrial park is importing ‘iltit veruda in natural juice’, barcode 75671092159, manufactured in the United States, and cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, manufactured in Bulgaria, and beans in tomato sauce, also from Bulgaria, are marked with an OU, without the authorization for import from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and therefore, should be removed from store shelves and not used.

11. Shilat and Sons Meats from Kiryat Malachi are advertised on the product label as mehadrin. A probe with Kiryat Malachi rabbinical officials revealed they do not grant the company kosher supervision and the products should not be used.

12. Murphy’s beer bottled in England and distributed by Tempo is under the supervision of Badatz KF-London, but due to an administrative error, question arose. The Chief Rabbinate reports the beer, with a label approving it for import by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is indeed under KF-London and approved by the Chief Rabbinate.

13. Merkaz Mazon LTD regarding Sa’id Coffee, barcode 7290011079031 is labeled under the supervision of the Matte Asher Region Rabbinate. The claim is false. The product is not supervised and legal action is being taken against the company. (The top of the coffee has Arabic writing as seen in Hebrew original photo).

Kashrut Revoked, Restored, Changes in Status
My Shwarma – 131 Sokolov Street. Kashrut revoked. The store was sold to non-Jews.
Domino Pizza on the boardwalk. The store’s flyers advertise as kosher. The store is open on shabbos and it does not have a legitimate kashrut certificate.
Ima’s Catering- Gadera Mall. Advertises as “kosher mehadrin” but lacks a recognized kashrut certificate.
Eli Hadad vegetables – 60 Eitz Chaim Street in Machane Yehuda- displays an outdated Jerusalem Rabbinate certificate with a sticker covering the expiration date.
Kibbutz Metzuba Guest House – Kashrus revoked by local rabbainte.

Kashrus revoked from all listed below in Rishon L’Tzion
1. Abromowitz Butcher Shop, 24 Keren HaYesod St.
2. Cini Speed Restaurant – 38 Rothschild St.
3. Amanot HaBishul, 10 Poltitzki St. (old industrial park)
4. Achuzat Rishonim Senior Citizens Home, 30 HaNichshol St.
5. Tabon HaEsh Restaurant, 8 Lishinsky St. (new industrial park)
6. Sharmat Ha’ir, 63 Herzl St.
7. Kol Bo Chetzi Chinam (HaGadol), 16 Lechi St.
8. Kol Bo Chetzi Chinam (HaKatan) 8 Moshe Levi St.
1. Patron Restaurant, opposite 57 HaEtzel St. – advertises as kosher without a rabbinate certificate.
2. Casserole Restaurant, 3 Lindenbaum St. – no rabbinate supervision but displays an unauthorized certificate from Mishmeret HaKodesh.
3. Restaurant located inside Israel Educational TV, 14 Klausner St. – not under rabbinical supervision – displaying an expired Tel Aviv Rabbanut certificate.
4. Yakbin Café, 3 Klisher St. (Carmel Shuk), advertises as kosher but does not have local rabbinate supervision.

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division
Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

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