Jerusalem Rabbanut Regarding New Kashrut Certificates

11 Tevet 5770
December 28, 2009

From the Jerusalem Rabbanut Regarding New Kashrut Certificates

This should be TAN, not YELLOW

This should be TAN, not YELLOW

Sorry folks, but this is a bit confusing. During my normal walk-around checking things out, I noticed a few irregularities.
1. I saw a Jerusalem Rabbanut certificate for regular kashrut for a pizza shop in pink (like butcher shops) and not the standard yellow. It did say “chalavi (dairy)” in a blue font.
2. I also noticed a yellow Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin instead of tan/beige.
I telephoned Rabbi Yitzchak Iluitzsky, who heads the Kashrut Department, and he told me that an unspecified number of dairy certificates for regular non-mehadrin kashrut are pink this time around. The blue “dairy” text assures you it is legitimate.

Regarding the yellow mehadrin, it appears to have slipped by in the pile accidentally, and the mehadrin certificates are still supposed to be tan.

The one I saw is Café Café located at 44 Emek Refaim Street in the German Colony. Despite the yellow color, the store is indeed mehadrin and the certificate is legitimate as per Rav Iluitsky.

Please, if you see occurrences like this, or something out of the ordinary kashrut norm, please send me emails with details and photos to document to permit checking it out and informing the list.


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