Kashrut Alert – November 5, 2009

18 Cheshvan 5770
November 5, 2009

Saved by the [SMS] Bell
cellphone1Every now and then one gets an idea, and then one learns it was a good one, helping others – and that is what Jerusalem Kosher News SMS-text messaging service does. 

Among the growing number of daily emails was a thank you, from a subscriber of the text messaging service, informing me that shortly before the couple was planning a night out in restaurant “X”, they received an SMS alert informing them that the supervision which they relied upon was revoked. Admittedly, in addition to a good feeling this story provides good advertisement, so I share it with you.

The text messaging service does include a minimum monthly charge, one that assists in maintaining JKN, a volunteer operation, and to date, the growing number of subscribers are pleased and feel the NIS 10 a month [plus VAT] is more than justified.

If you would like to learn more, or subscribe, visit the website. No hidden fees or commitment. You can join one month and unsubscribe if you are so inclined.

Ne’eman Bakery
ou1There is now OU-Israel supervision on products produced by Ne’eman
 Bakery in the Talpiot (Jerusalem) facility. It is important to realize that this only applies to items in sealed packages bearing the OU label. It is also important to realize the OU-Israel supervision does not apply to any of the cafes around the city.

There is a café on the factory premises [of the factory], located at 2 HaTasiya Street (Talpiot) which maintains an OU hechsher, but no others.

This is being brought to your attention following an ad appearing in an English language newspaper in which one of the Ne’eman Café branches claimed OU-Israel supervision while this is simply not the case.

Strauss Mehadrin
The Strauss dairy has added two new mehadrin products, cottage cheese and Ski 5% cheese, under the supervision of Badatz R’ Rubin.



Jala Bedouin Restaurant (Jerusalem)
The restaurant located at 2 Ben David Street in the Bucharin neighborhood is now under the supervision of Badatz Beit Yosef (meat).

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