Kashrut Alert – November 10, 2009

23 Cheshvan 5770
November 10, 2009

Cine Citta Dairy Restaurant (Netanya)
The restaurant is no longer under Netanya Rabbanut Mehadrin but it is now under the hashgacha of Rabbi Yosef Zaritsky of Bnei Brak.


Co-op Blue Square to Market R’ Efrati Produce
coop-blueAccording to an announcement from the Co-op Blue Square that many of the supermarket branches around the country will sell fruits and vegetables under the mehadrin hechsher of Rav Yosef Efrati Shlita.

This will result in mehadrin produce without fear of chilul shabbat in their harvest, as well as ensuring only certified bug-less greens will be sold in those stores with the mehadrin supervision.

NOTE: Not all stores will have the mehadrin hechsher so if you rely on it, be certain to check each branch before making a purchase.

Updates from Badatz Rav Rubin (accurate as of this morning [Israel time])


1. Achuzat Jerusalem Hall (meat/Center)
2. Eli’s Restaurant (meat/near Mir Yeshiva)
3. Barbeque B’Shefa (meat/Schunat Belz)
4. Basarim (meat/Tiberias) **
5. Bonkers Bagels (dairy/Old City)
6. Burger Deli (meat/Schunat Belz)
7. Burgers Bar (meat/Geula)
8. Burgers Bar (meat/Givat Shaul)
9. Burgers Bar (meat/Old City)
10. Chafetz Chaim (meat/center)
11. Chafetz Chaim (meat/Givat Shaul)
12. Chafetz Chaim Guest House (meat/Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim)**
13. Coffee Bagel (dairy/Old City)
14. Dr. Toast (dairy/Shmuel HaNavi)
15. Gadya Dairy (dairy/Even Sapir)
16. Glidaland (dairy/Beit Shemesh)**
17. Green Good Food (dairy/Rechavia)
18. Grill Burger (meat/Beit Shemesh)**
19. Grill Burger (meat/Har Nof)
20. HaMushonim Steakhouse (meat/Har Nof)
21. Har Nof Bagels (dairy/Har Nof)
22. HaSaviah Restaurant (meat/Shmuel HaNavi)
23. Heimishe Kitchen (meat/Givat Shaul)
24. Holy Bagel (baked goods/Talpiot)
25. Icing Bagels (dairy/Shmuel HaNavi)
26. LaKaza (meat/ Geula)
27. Lucky (meat/Givat Shaul)
28. Miznon HaPisha (meat/Bayit Vegan)
29. Modi (meat/Har Nof)
30. Myers Catering (meat/Moshav Ora)
31. Nina’s Café (dairy/Ramat Eshkol)
32. Off the Square (dairy – center)
33. Palace Hall (Talpiot)
34. Pizza, Bar Ilan (dairy/Bar Ilan)
35. Pizza, Dr. (dairy/Bar Ilan)
36. Pizza, HaMerkaz (dairy/Petach Tikvah) **
37. Pizza, Jerusalem 2 (dairy/Har Nof)
38. Pizza, Mamash Chinam (dairy/Shmuel HaNavi)
39. Pizza, Oh My Gosh (dairy/Har Nof)
40. Pizza, Rimini (dairy/Ramat Eshkol)
41. Pizza, Royal (dairy/N’vei Yaakov)
42. Refael Falafel (meat/Ramot 3)
43. Royal Catering (meat/Elad)**
44. Sam Bagels (daily/ Ramat Eshkol)
45. Sam Bagels (dairy/Geula)
46. Sam Bagels factory (baked goods/Gilo)
47. Savata U’Bracha Restaurant (meat/ near Mir)
48. Shaulzon Fish (Har Nof)
49. Tehillim Tafshilim (meat/Ramat Eshkol)
50. Tz’nani Shwarma (meat/Geula)
51. Tzchipupu (meat/Jerusalem center)
52. Uptown Burger (meat/Har Nof)
53. Yad Avraham Steakhouse (meat/Ramot 4)
54. Yummies (meat/Shmuel HaNavi)
55. Yankele Super Ohf (meat/Har Nof)
56. Yeshiva Karlin (meat/Geula)
57. Yiddishe Essen Restaurant (meat/Ramat Gan)**

**Signifies location outside of Jerusalem

There are some additions above from the previous list published by JKN.

Eateries no longer appearing include:
1. Boogie (Ramat Eshkol)
2. HaShikma Burger (Har Nof)
3. Miznon HaRova (Old City)
4. Mr. Shwarma (Har Nof)
5. Refael Pizza (Ramot 3)
6. Shake Fruits (Mir)
7. Solomon Catering (Center)
8. Toast and Pizi (Rechavia)






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