Kashrut Alert – November 2, 2009

buchari-bread-on-jaffa-near-shuk15 Cheshvan 5770
November 2, 2009

Bucharin Bread (Jerusalem)
The Bucharin Bread bakery located near Machane Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem, at 125 Jaffa Street [on the same side of the shuk], no longer has kashrus supervision.

Until September, it had a Jerusalem Rabbanut Mehadrin certification.

Making things worse is the fact that the sign still says “mehadrin”, and unless you are really on the ball, you might not detect that the Jerusalem Rabbinate mehadrin teudah hanging on the wall expired over a month ago.


Biton’s Lafa Bread Bakery (Kiryat Yam)
The bakery located at 49 Yitzchak Ben Tzvi Street is now certified by the Badatz Beit Yosef (parve) for the production of lafa bread (large flat pita-type breads) only.

The certification is only applicable on sealed packages bearing the BBY seal.

Rachel’s Cafeteria (Hebrew U. – Jerusalem)
The cafeteria located in Hebrew University Mt. Scopus Campus known as Rachel’s in section 1 of the Humanities area has not lost its Jerusalem Rabbinate supervision despite rumors to the contrary.

While there was a ‘problem’, the district supervisor for the Jerusalem Rabbinate worked it out with the mashgiach and the cafeteria still has the Jerusalem Rabbinate regular hechsher.

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