Hitachdut Kehillot HaChareidim Hechsher to be Launched

7 Kislev 5770
November 24, 2009

kosher-symbolsA number of months ago, the decision was made to launch yet another hechsher in Eretz Yisrael, called the Hitachdut Kehillot HaChareidim Hechsher (United Chareidi Communities), composed of a few different chassidic courts. It now appears products bearing this new hechsher will be on supermarket shelves in the coming weeks. 

The new operation is not beginning in a small way, and the new hechsher will be making its debut with its own schita for chickens.

Rabbi Mordechai Brisk, of the Belz Machzikei Hadas hechsher is involved, and he confirms that the new hechsher is all but ready for operation, admitting a number of details still need to be ironed out, appearing optimistic. He explains that the new hechsher will be cooperating with the Belz hechsher.

One of the yet unresolved details is where the new hechsher will shect (slaughter) chickens. One possibility is the slaughter house operated by Danny Mizrachi, used for the Belz mehadrin chickens, located in the Atarot Industrial Park in the northern capital.

Included in the hechsher are a number of chassidic courts, including Belz, Karlin, Slonim, Sanz, Erlau, Breslov and Seret Vishnitz. Persons involved in the new hechsher explain the delay has been due to logistics, simchas in the various chassidic courts and other demands that prevented moving ahead with the united chassidic hechsher.

The new hechsher has also yet to make a final decision regarding its logo.

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  • Dovi
    November 24, 2009 - 12:05 | Permalink

    Is the this new hechsher superseding Belz Machzikei Hadas and other hechsherim or is it in addition?

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