Chief Rabbinate Update 004/09

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – o04
November 4, 2009
17 Cheshvan 5770

Alert to Kfar Saba Residents
Regarding the butcher shop known as Super Atliz – Achim Menashe, located at  14 Yitzi’at Europa Street, in the Tekumah neighborhood…

He advertises his operation as kosher despite not having any kashrut certification. He even answered questions from a kashrut inspector by displaying a certificate of kashrut from a slaughter house. An inspection of the establishment reveal treif (non-kosher) meat.

No one should purchase products from this operation. Legal action is being taken. The Rabbanut reminds the public that one must always request to see a valid kashrut certificate.

Meshek Zamir LTD – Butcher and Catering
(Owned & Operated by Giti Zamir) 052-555-4946

On his website, he advertises kosher affairs under the supervision of the Rabbanut. in essence, the operation does not enjoy the supervision of any local rabbinate in Israel. See the website.

Making things worse, it has been learned the company operates a non-kosher butcher under the name Angus, located in Tirah, in the area known as the Triangle. 

Therefore, one must not rely on the firm and rabbonim must not permit the catering service at any authorized wedding ceremony.


Balsamic Vinegar
An inspection of a kosher kitchen revealed the use of Madonna balsamic vinegar which is not kosher. The label of the product states “not kosher”. The mashgiach was questioned and he admitted that he simply did not detect the status of the product since the company also manufactures kosher balsamic vinegar.

This case is stated to reiterate the law, that one may not import kosher and non-kosher products under the same label to avoid this very type of confusion.


Kochav HaBayit Tirosh Grape Juice
This item, referring to Kochav HaBayit Tirosh Grape Juice is being omitted because shortly following the release of the alert, a subsequent clarification was released stating this item is indeed okay.



Murphy’s Irish Stout Beer
 The beer (barcode 5035766060253) is imported by Tempo LTD in Netanya is advertised as kosher from the Rabbanut in Holland and with agreement with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel without fears of “Chadash”. 

An inspection of the product reveals it is not certified and should immediately be removed from store shelves.


Avazim B’emek Restaurant in Afula
As of 11 Cheshvan, the kashrut supervision was removed from the restaurant located at 18 Derech Rabin in the Emek Center Complex. This decision followed the decision of the owner to sell the restaurant to a non-Jew. The internet site still advertises the restaurant as kosher while this is simply not the case.

Mickey Stainless Steel Products
The company advertises its products being under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate but in actuality, the company does not have kosher supervision.  The rabbinate does not certify the company and hasn’t a clue as to kosher status of products.

Badatz Ateret Mehadrin Yerushalayim
Rabbinate reports seeing a [relatively] new kashrut in the Old City of Jerusalem, Badatz Ateret Mehadrin Jerusalem, under Rav Avraham Kessler Shlita, stressing the agency is unauthorized and in violation of the state kashrut law.

Yachin Fig Jam (Barcode 7290000210063)
This item, produced by National Food is imported, yet it did not receive authorization from the Chief Rabbinate Import Dept. The product is not to be used in kosher supervised locations.

It should be pointed out that there are approved kosher jams in the marketplace under the same label.

70% fruit Raspberry Confiture
(Raspberry Barcode 729000570762) (Orange barcode 7290005750878), originating from Ankara, Turkey, advertises itself as kosher under the Chief Rabbinate and Badatz Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak.

I probe revealed the item is not authorized by the Chief Rabbinate and as such, it should be removed immediately from store shelves.

Maiya David Catering Service (Haifa)  054-241-0509
The above mentioned firm is advertising kosher certified services, displaying Haifa Rabbinate teudat kashrut number 072 in a number of cases documented involving schools seeking catering services. Haifa Rabbinate officials confirm the teudat kashrut is fraudulent and the caterer does not have kashrut supervision from the Rabbanut.


Ma’adanei Danna Butcher (Holon – 102 Sokolov Street)
The Holon Rabbanut warns the public not to rely on the meat products of the establishment, which does not have a kosher supervision from the Rabbanut despite the owner’s claim to the contrary.

Elsewhere in Holon, the kashrut certificate from Rome Pizza (16 Shaltiel Street) has been removed due to kashrut violations.


St Clemens Cheese
The product is imported, advertising itself as kosher under the supervision of Rabbis Leksener and Hordan as well as having authorization from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel import officials. The Chief Rabbinate gives no such authorization and the public is advised not to use the product.


Rome Rabbinate
The Rome Rabbinate in response to Chief Rabbinate alert 001-09, the report on Pitlgliano wine, reports the wine manufactured abroad is indeed under its supervision and legitimately kosher.

Below report from Kashrut Alert 001-09
Wine Alert for Kosher Consumers Abroad
Wine is being sold abroad, a rose variety, with a label PitIgliano (barcode 8032625351009), originating in Italy, claiming to be kosher for Passover mehadrin, not mevushal under the supervision of the Rome Rabbinate, Rabbi Yair Didi Shlita, with approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The Chief Rabbinate Fraud Division report this is not the case and one should refrain from purchasing this product.


Gan Yavne
The kashrus supervision has been revoked from Shuk Ben-Shalom in Gan Yavne.

Kiryat Ikron
The kashrut supervision has been revoked from Glatt Grill in Bilu Center.

Ohr Akiva
The kashrut supervision has been removed from the Shirat HaBriyah catering hall.

Tel Aviv
Samu Pastries (30 Tagur Street) advertises to be under the supervision of Haifa Rabbinate without having any local Rabbanut supervision.

Gad Ma’adanim (Jacky’s Store – Hatikvah Shuk) advertises on products that he has kashrut supervision from the local Rabbanut but does not.


Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division

Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

Click Here to see the original Hebrew documents from the Chief Rabbinate.

The following Hebrew text refers to the item in the original document relating to Tirosh Grape Juice.


הרב המקומי
מנהל מח’ הכשרות
יו”ר מועצ”ד
די בכל אתר ואתר

הנושא: * מיץ ענבים תירוש – במותג “כוכב הבית”
          * קונפיטוריה פרי הגולן

בעדכון מס’ 4 פורסם כי אין לשווק את המשקה מיץ ענבים תירוש – “כוכב הבית” לאור כיתוב הכשרות המוטעה.

לאחר בירור נמצא כי היין כן מפוקח ע”י הרבנות האזורית מטה יהודה ואין כל חשש ביין. במקום רבנות מטה יהודה נכתב בטעות מ.י.

החברה התנצלה על הטעות בדפוס והתחייבה לתקן את הכיתוב ומעתה ניתן להמשיך לשווק את המוצר במקומות המושגחים.

כמו”כ בעדכון הנ”ל פורסם כי המוצרים “קונפיטורה 70% פרי” בטעמים שונים כגון:
פטל- בר קוד: 729000570762, תפוזים- בר קוד: 7290005750878, המיוצרים במ.נ.ד.
ג’ידה, אנקרה – טורקיה ומיובאים ע”י “תאסת את אצלן בע”מ”, מושב גבעת כח 71, מוצגים ככשרים בהשגחת הרבנות הראשית לישראל ובד”צ חוג חתם סופר בני – ברק .
בבדיקה מחודשת נמצא כי על גבי המוצר מצויין חוג חתם סופר “פתח תקוה” ולא “בני ברק”. נא לעדכן את המשגיחים בהתאם.


אגף הכשרות הארצי
הרבנות הראשית ליש

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