Chief Rabbinate Update – 003/5770

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Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 03
October 25, 2009
7 Cheshvan 5770

Tzuri’s Butcher Store (Moshav Peduim)
The Chief Rabbinate Fraud Division working together with Israel Police have learned that the establishment claims kashrut supervision from the Merchavim Rabbinate – Bnei Shimon, with certificates signed by a mashgiach of the name Yuval Cohen. Upon inspection of the site, “unidentified meats” were found, no mashgiach was present, and the situation led to grave kashrut concerns. In essence, the business is not supervised by the local area Rabbinate and the mashgiach is unauthorized to supervise a kashrut operation.


Nora’s Kosher Druse Cooking
After a wedding was hosted in a private home in Caesarea and catered by the above. The company commissary is located in Dalyat el-Carmel.

The local rabbinate was unaware of the wedding and the catered event. The entire simcha was organized and advertised as kosher by the Yahav Sadan Company, displaying a kashrut certificate from Nora’s Kosher Druse Company, while non-kosher meat from the Dalyat el-Carmel butcher was found by inspectors at the wedding. Nora’s kashrut was revoked.

Kabukim (Coated Peanuts)
The Chief Rabbinate Nationwide Kashrus reports the item distributed by Top Sweets displays Chief Rabbinate Nationwide and Badatz Chug Chatam Sofer Petach Tikvah certifications.

Inspectors have learned the peanut product has originated from a non-kosher source and this and other items marketed by Top Sweets should not be used.


Israel Broadcasting Authority
As per the Jerusalem Rabbinate notice of October 13th, the agency’s cafeteria no longer has supervision.


Petit Beurre Biscuits
Barcode 7290008723121 – This alert refers to 1.75kg packages under the packaging label Natural Bakery, distributed by Kim’at Chinam (Almost free), is labeled “kosher – parve” but does not have authorization to advertise as kosher.


Espada Catering & Special Events
The Chof HaSharon Rabbinate report the company’s  kashrut certification has been revoked and it is no longer to be used for weddings or other events.


HaShoni Hall
In response to many inquires, the above mentioned hall located in Jabotinsky Park near Binyamina is not an authorized hall for a wedding since there is a non-kosher restaurant on the premises as well as operating on shabbat and yomim tovim.


Kfar HaNofesh Restaurant
Located in the Chof HaCarmel jurisdiction  and advertises itself as kosher while in essence, the rabbinate does not grant the restaurant kosher supervision.


Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division
Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

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