Chanukah – Chief Rabbinate Olive Oil Alert

י”ג כסלו תש”ע
נובמבר 30, 2009

olive-oil1Unfortunately, the need to warn the public of bogus labels on bottles of olive oil before Chanukah has become an annual custom and the list appears to increase in size annually. Unscrupulous individuals are out to make the money at the expense of honest kosher consumers.

I realize I have not had time to post Chief Rabbinate update 005-09 but that is my current reality. Those wishing to see the original, it appears on the JKN Hebrew site  and an addendum, a Hebrew letter addressing kashrut concerns for Pessach.

The translation to follow as time permits but I prefer to release number 006-09 without delay, since it does not require translation, only the link   to the page showing the labels of the bogus bottles. I suggest that you consider printing the pages and having it with you when you shop for olive oil for Chanukah.

The second link  is to the Hebrew list itemizing barcodes and other information to identify the oil that should not be purchased. It lists the barcode; information regarding the fraudulent hechsherim; contact information regarding the distributers and lastly, information pertaining to the bottle size and identifying facts.

In addition to the Chief Rabbinate Update 005-09, I am also working on a report following my visit to the Holy Bagel factory which was prompted by increasing email requests to do so.

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