Keter Kashrut & Tiferet Kashrut are Out!

28 Tishrei 5770
October 16, 2009

scales-of-justiceFollowing is a summation of the petition filed with the High Court of Justice against the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Jerusalem Religious Council Kashrus Division.

Baruch Hashem, the nation’s High Court of Justice has ruled in favor of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in a petition intended to topple the rabbinate’s “monopoly” on kashrut. The suit was filed by the head of two unauthorized kashrut agencies, Keter Kashrut and Tiferet Kashrut.

The Chief Rabbinate maintained the agencies mentioned fail to meet what is perceived today as a mehadrin standard, and therefore, have been labeled as “unauthorized”.

Seeking to address the matter, the Chief Rabbinate has publicized the fact that these agencies are unauthorized to grant kashrut certification, as well as working to remove the signs from stores. The agencies maintained the Rabbinate does not have the right to impose its criteria on them, but the court, Justice Gronis, agreed with the state body, ruling against the petitioner.

The court ruled the kashrut certificates of Keter Kashrut and Tiferet Kashrut indeed deceive the kosher consumer and may not continue doing so. The court ruled the Chief Rabbinate is indeed acting within its jurisdiction.

The original Hebrew text of the High Court ruling has been uploaded to the site.

Here are photos of the unauthorized teudot. Others appear in the JKN section labeled Unauthorized Kashrut Agencies in Israel.  


Keter Kashrut meat

Keter Kashrut dairy

Keter Kashrut dairy

Tiferet Kashrut

Tiferet Kashrut

Kisei Eliyahu (same as Tiferet)

Kisei Eliyahu (same as Tiferet)



  • johnq
    October 16, 2009 - 10:57 | Permalink

    What a sad day it is when secular courts start deciding what is kosher and what isnt.

  • Pith from Pinhas
    October 16, 2009 - 15:21 | Permalink

    John I agree with you on this one but please see my comment to the article on the misguided “guide”.

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