Kashrut Alert

8 Cheshvan 5770
26 October 2009
Nof Yerushalayim Loses it Rabbanut Hechsher – Jerusalem
The prominent Nof Yerushalayim catering hall, which maintained a Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin hechsher, lost its hechsher today, as was confirmed by Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger of the Jerusalem Rabbinate.  This includes both the mehadrin and regular hechsher due to the hall’s failure to adhere to the instructions of mashgichim and the regulations of the kashrut authority.


HaShamen – Jerusalem
A new branch of HaShamen (grill/meat) restaurant has been certified, located at 3 Luntz Street in Jerusalem (opposite Rimon)

Heichal HaSimcha Hall – Elad
The catering hall located at 23 Avtalyon Street in Elad has received the hechsher o the Badatz Beit Yosef.


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