Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Alert – 001 – 5770

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 01
October 1, 2009
13 Tishrei 5770

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Albert Aranov Butcher
Veterinary service inspectors report that Albert Aranov Butcher located at 18 Schneur Zalman Boulevard in Rishon L’Tzion was selling traif meat which came from Palestinian Authority autonomous areas. The local rabbinate of course immediately revoked the store’s kosher supervision.


Netanya Businesses Raided
Shwarma Bistro Tamar (2 Simolansky Street) and Mifgash HaPa’amonim (50 Herzl Street) were raided simultaneously after local Rabbinate officials learned the stores advertised as kosher under rabbinate supervision when this was not the case. Both stores are owned by Nissim Levy. The kosher certificates were confiscated and the owner detained for questioning.

Netanya Rabbinate officials stress the stores are not under its supervision, adding at the Shwarma Bistro Tamar location, the meat found was “unidentifiable”.


Alert Mashgiach Prevents Kashrus Blunder
The alertness of a mashgiach prevented the use of non-kosher fish in a kosher catered event. The report refers to red snapper fish imported by a Kiryat Gat company, fish marked with a kashrut supervision. In a trash receptacle, the mashgiach found non kosher fish remains, leading to a more intensive probe.

The rabbinical officials warn that in addition to the problem of worm and parasite infestation of fish today, there is the problem of certain fish eating non kosher species of sea creatures, which usually end up in the fish’s stomach, and thereby removed when the fish’s inside is cleaned away. In some cases however, the non-kosher fish end up in a fish’s mouth or oral cavity, while a rare event, one that does occur. In such cases, the removal of the fish’s internal organs may not include the removal of the prohibited fish.

Therefore, one is required to clean them very well in the preparatory stage, or to cut the head of entirely. Some fish are indeed cleaned and inspected as such, and are sold bearing kosher certification as to their type, as well attesting to being worm/parasite free.

The fish referred to in this report, imported by Y.D. Inbal Importers of Kiryat Gat, does not have any kosher supervision despite claiming otherwise. (Photo, while unclear, appears in the original document from Rabbanut in item 3 below)


Kashrus Removed from Afula Flour Mill
The Afula Rabbinate has removed its supervision from Ha’emek located at 9 Chativat Street and establishments should no longer buy its product for fear of a number of torah prohibitions including Tevel, Chadash and Shmitah.

Wine Alert for Kosher Consumers Abroad
Wine is being sold abroad, a rose variety, with a label PitIgliano (barcode 8032625351009), originating in Italy, claiming to be kosher for Passover mehadrin, not mevushal under the supervision of the Rome Rabbinate, Rabbi Yair Didi Shlita, with approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The Chief Rabbinate Fraud Division report this is not the case and one should refrain from purchasing this product. (See item 5 in original Hebrew document below, photo on the left side).


Mizrachi Seeds and Nuts
The Jerusalem Rabbinate reports that Pitzuchim Mizrachi located at 162 Moshe Dayan Blvd in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood has received kosher certification.
This document presents the actual facts from the Hebrew original but is not a literal translation.

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division

Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention


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