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Last Shuk Tours of 5769
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Monday, September 14, 2009
25 Elul 5769

Sept 14,09 AM shuk tour

Sept 14,09 AM shuk tour

Last Shuk Tours of 5769
Today, Monday, September 14, 2009 (25 Elul) JKN completed the Machane Yehuda Shuk tours for 5769, with two walk-through tours, one at 9:30am and 5:30pm. I was privileged to escort some 30 people through the streets of Machane Yehuda, and I think we all benefited from the experience.

Anyway, I think the program did have an impact as many more readers have shared in this on-site experience, and we are wiser and more alert kosher shoppers as a result.

My sincerest apologies to the 5:30pm group, I simply forgot to take a group photo!


statsGetting the Word Out

Baruch Hashem, the email list continues to grow and I urge readers who receive this second and third hand to please subscribe and encourage others to do so – please help spread the word.

The website has jumped from 3,900 hits in March 2009 to over 165,700 in August 2009, and climbing daily. Education can make us all wiser and more alert kosher consumers and ultimately, we can have a positive impact on kashrut in Eretz Yisrael as a result. JKN is a tool towards achieving this goal.

cellphoneNew Projects in the Coming Year
I hoped by now the SMS text message alerts service would be up-and-running, but there are delays which are out of my control. This will be a paid subscription service providing timely English text message alerts to one’s cellular telephone of major kashrut news. Details regarding pricing and registration will be announced once the service is operational.

hebrew-lettersHebrew Kashrut Services
I also hope that in the coming year, I will be able to launch Hebrew shuk tours and kashrut lectures, and to add Hebrew articles available to the website. No promises, just an honest effort.

jkn-kashrut-guide1Yeshivas, Seminaries & Kosher Cards
The response to the lectures for visiting post high school students has been marvelous, and I am making the rounds addressing students with a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation takes 60-90 minutes, varying according to group size and audience participation.

This presentation is also available for organizations and adults as well. It is suitable for any group wishing to have an in-house presentation to familiarize participants with the Israel kosher scene.

I also boldly suggest, perhaps for visiting parents of yeshiva students in Israel, who will be coming for Sukkot and intersession (winter recess), that perhaps yeshivot wish to arrange presentations for the parents, providing them a guide to kashrut, and easing the pressure on students, who now are a bit ‘more in the loop’, and perhaps a tad uncomfortable telling mom and dad that they cannot eat in every restaurant. I think it would also be a significant contribution to overall kashrut adherence, a project that many visiting parents may enjoy, since they too are really not too aware of the system and seem to stumble around guessing where they should and should not eat out.

Email me for additional details regarding this presentation, costs and logistical preparations.

The kashrut hand guide laminated cards are also a hit, with hundreds already distributed and orders are coming in daily from yeshivot for overseas students, who find themselves perplexed by the kashrut system in Israel. They are sold for a nominal fee, to cover costs, NIS 2 each, and one may email to arrange orders as well. These may also be printed in Hebrew in the coming year.

Shana Tova to All
rosh-hashanahMy thanks as well to the many rabbonim, mashgichim and kashrut experts who permit me to nudge them daily, and to readers to pass along information, photos and tips, and to the writers of the Kashrut Kuestions column, who continue to bring quality information to readers, all working to enhance our kashrut knowledge towards improved adherence to the laws of kashrut. I do not know if readers really appreciate how fortunate we are, having seasoned kashrut experts giving freely of their time and knowledge to assist our learning process.

The emails are coming in at an amazing daily pace, providing an invaluable recourse, that will only continue to grow as the reader subscription list increases. This just creates a kashrut loop that permits JKN to report to the people, interested persons around the world.

I ask once again that you please take a few moments to share comments with readers. Rather than sending me an email, visit the website and click on the “comment” section of a particular article and post your comments for all to benefit.

This project has shown me that we can and with Hashem’s assistance will make a change, from the bottom up, with a simple grassroots effort of concerned kosher consumers who remain committed to a higher level.

This will most likely be the last posting before Rosh Hashanah, since I have much to do at home to prepare for yomtov, which Baruch Hashem includes many many guests.

I would also like to use this forum to request mechila if anyone was offended by articles. My intention is genuine but I know at times, the subject matter is delicate and toes are stepped on, albeit unintentionally.

The information contained in reports is never intended to be a cause of grief or to besmirch the reputation of anyone, and a genuine effort is made to avoid such an occurrence.

I think a special mention must be made regarding my OU article, which caused a stir. While I maintain the facts in the report speak for themselves, it was never my intention to be a source of ill-feelings, embarrassment or worse for any representatives of this kashrus organization, not in Israel or the United States. I was privileged to have the opportunity to meet in person with Rabbi Luban, and OU officials in Israel, and I hope they would agree that we are moving forward in a positive direction.

I also made certain to post Rav Luban’s unedited response in the same forums the original article appeared, JKN and YWN, as I feel his report is vital to permit readers to see both sides of the story.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish subscribers and readers a Shana Tova, and may we all be inscribed in the Book of Good Life and I look forward to meeting you on your stay in Eretz Yisrael.

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