Morano Nuts & Badatz R’ Rubin

Thursday, September 24, 2009
6 Tishrei 5770


1. Morano Nuts – No Belz or Beit Yosef Hechsher on Sweets
candy-gum-dropsJKN spoke with Belz Machzikei Hadas kahrus inspector Rav Yitzchak Yosef Zigelman on Thursday morning, seeking to confirm the status of the candies sold in a branch of the Morano nut and seeds stores in Machane Yehuda, the Shuk.

Rav Zigelman is the inspector who is responsible for the area of the shuk encompassing the nut stores mentioned. Many of you area aware that in one of the branches, the one located on Agrippas Street, at the corner of Machane Yehuda Street, the store also sells a large selections of the candies and sweets mentioned in another recent JKN report ( 

The rav made it very clear, that the candies are NOT under the Belz supervision, which only covers the nuts, seeds and dried fruits sold in the store.

I spoke with Rav Zigelman at length, urging him to put a note on the certificate that it excludes the sweets, and that I know for a fact many people buying in the store erroneously believe the Belz supervision is all-inclusive. This is especially true among post-high yeshiva and seminary students from abroad.

Permit me to add that the machine used on premisis to cover nuts with hot melted chocolate is indeed under the Belz supervision as per the rav.

The certificate if most misleading and actually states “everything in the store” on it. This is very misleading but the Belz rabbonim told me in no uncertain terms that they do not assume any responsibility for the candies sold in the store! Rabbi Zigelman promises me that corrective action will be taken in the very near future.

To his credit, I asked an employee in the store if the candies are under the Belz hechsher as well, and I was told that they are not. Most people who not think to ask however!

In any event, back to the earlier report on the candies, if you are buying them you should be aware that you must inquire as to the hechsher of each item to assure they meet your kashrut standard. Remember, many contain gelatin, food colorings, flavorings and many other ingredients that are “problematic” and demand a reliable hecsher.

The Beit Yosef certificate states in the black bold script that it does not cover anything but the nuts, seeds and the dried fruits. I phoned Beit Yosef to double check, and was [rightfully] told it says clearly on the certificate they are only responsible for the items mentioned.

By the way, the red box on the right of the certificate also states Beit Yosef does not give supervision to three other items under the nuts, seeds and dried fruits category, the peas, corn and cow peas.

In short, it is not enough to ensure there is a valid legitimate kosher certificate, but you must read it as well, and it appears we must also develop a kashrut instinct that compels us to probe deeper at times.

Belz Hechsher

Badatz Belz Hechsher

Badatz Beit Yosef

Badatz Beit Yosef

2. List of Badatz R’ Rubin Stores in Jerusalem
rav-rubin-symbolFollowing is a list of restaurants, catering halls and eateries under the supervision of Badatz R’ Rubin. Unless listed otherwise, the listing is located in Jerusalem. Establishments outside of the capital are marked with 2 stars.

The list is accurate as of the morning of 6 Tishrei 5770 (September 24, 2009).

The posting is part of an increased JKN effort to provide a list of places to dine around the country as the demand for reliable kashrut is on the upswing Baruch Hashem. My thanks for the folks at Badatz R’ Rubin for their willingness to cooperate.

The original Hebrew list that I received by fax appears under the article.

1. Oh My Gosh Pizza (Har Nof)
2. Achuzat Jerusalem Hall (Center)
3. Palace Hall (Talpiot)
4. Chafetz Chaim (Givat Shaul)
5. Chafetz Chaim (Agrippas St)
6. Icing Bagels (Shmuel HaNavi)
7. Burger Deli (Schunat Belz)
8. HaShikma Burger (Har Nof)
9. Chafetz Chaim Guest House (Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim)**
10. Bonkers Bagels (Old City)
11. Burgers Bar (Geula)
12. Barbeque B’Shefa (Schunat Belz)
13. Basarim (Tivera) **
14. Glidaland (Beit Shemesh)**
15. Grill Burger (Beit Shemesh)**
16. Grill Burger (Har Nof)
17. Green Good Food (Rechavia)
18. Dr. Toast (Shmuel HaNavi)
19. Dr. Pizza (Bar Ilan)
20. Holy Bagel (Talpiot)
21. Heimishe Kitchen (Har Nof)
22. Toast and Pizi (Rechavia)
23. Yamis (Shmuel HaNavi)
24. Yankele Super Ohf (Har Nof – Dfus Street)
25. L’yad HaKikar (Center)
26. Modi (Har Nof – Kanfei Nesharim)
27. Miznon HaPisha (Bayit Vegan)
28. Miznon HaRova (Old City)
29. Mr. Shwarma (Har Nof)
30. Yiddishe Essen Restaurant (Ramat Gan)**
31. Aliz Restaurant (near Mir Yeshiva)
32. HaSaviah Restaurant (Shmuel HaNavi)
33. Savata U’Veracta Restaurant (Mir)
34. Merkaz Pizza (Petach Tikvah) **
35. Sam Bagels (Geula)
36. Boogie (Ramat Eshkol)
37. Sam Bagels (Ramat Eshkol)
38. Sam Bagels factory (Gilo)
39. HaMushonim Steakhouse (Har Nof – Kanfei Nesharim)
40. Yad Avraham Steakhouse (Ramot 4)
41. Bar Ilan Pizza (Bar Ilan)
42. Jerusalem 2 Pizza (Har Nof)
43. Kimat Chinam Pizza (Shmuel HaNavi)
44. Ro’el Pizza (N’vei Yaakov)
45. Rimini Pizza (Ramat Eshkol)
46. Refael Pizza (Ramat 3)
47. Coffie Bagel (Old City)
48. Myers Catering (Moshav Ora)
49. Solomon Catering (Center)
50. Royal Catering (Elad)**
51. Nina’s Café (Ramat Eshkol)
52. Shaulzon Fish (Har Nof)
53. Shake Fruits (Mir)
**Outside of Jerusalem










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    I continue to be impressed and in awe with the ongoing critical information Yechiel is able to provide us. Even with the demands of the Yom Tovim he is ready to keep us notified. WE appreciate your efforts Yechiel and thank you Yechiel. ( By the way, the bagel store and ice cream store in the Har Nof Shopping Center are both under Rav Rubin’s supervision).

  • Dovid
    September 24, 2009 - 22:08 | Permalink

    Once again, thank you for the very useful information. One clarification: to the best of my knowledge, most of the places (#’s 1,8,16,21,24,29,39) listed as being in Har Nof are actually in neighboring Givat Shaul, on Kanfei Nesharim or Beit HaDafus.

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