Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Alert 023-2009

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Original Hebrew document appears below English translation

Moshiko Grape Soft Drink
Barcode 7290011977795, produced under the Taaman Company name, is marked “kosher under the Shomron Rabbinate”. This claim is fraudulent. The product has no kashrut supervision. (See accompanying photo in original document below, item 1 on the right side)

Ateret Mehadrin – New Unauthorized Hechsher
A new unauthorized hechsher has entered Yerushalayim, the Badatz Ateret Mehadrin, found by a JKN reader in the Old City, in the Shwarma Bar.

(I add that when asked about the hechsher, I noticed it has the same telephone number as the bogus Nezer Hidur, prompting me to forward it to R’ Rafi Yochai, who confirmed it is not authorized to grant kashrut certification). (See accompanying photo in original document below, item 2 on the left side) Readers are encouraged to continue sending me such information, with photos of the certificate, store, and information, address and so-forth. I will do my best to move it to proper channels.

Classy Leket Vegetable Mix
Barcode 7296073108344 – According to Rav Moshe Blau, who heads the Aravah Region Religious Council, the product mentioned, which is distributed exclusively by ShuferSal, is marked as “kosher under the Aravah Regional Council Rabbinate” (Heter mechira, mehadrin fresh bug-free vegetables) are actually not under the religious council pertaining to their claim of being bug-free. In addition, no heter mechira item can be marked mehadrin. (See accompanying photo in original document below, item 3 on the right side)

Aminach Mattresses
The Aminach company is advertising mattresses that are not shatnez, as per the Chief Rabbinate of Israel ( The Chief Rabbinate does not supervise the operation and assumes no responsibility for the company’s claim. (Item four in original document)


Deganim Beverage

Barcode 309805 – This natural beverage coffee substitute may be found in health stores. It is imported from Switzerland and claims to be under the supervision of Rabbi M. Levinger of the Basel Badatz Kashrut Agency as well as Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak in Israel. The item was not approved by the Chief Rabbinate Import Division and therefore, should not be used. (Item 5 in original documents, right side photo)


Magic 1 Luxury Liner
The Magic 1 advertises ( its cruise is under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Tzadok Megeni Tikvah. The Chief Rabbinate wishes to inform the public that the rabbi is not authorized to give kashrut supervision and as such, the Rabbinate assumes no responsibility. ( (Item 6 in original document)


Wally Hall

The catering hall located in Kfar Neter has received a permit to conduct weddings from the Chof HaSharon Rabbinate. The establishment is to be added to the list of legitimate places for weddings under the auspciies of the Rabbinate. (Item number 7 in original document).


Tzufit Wedding Hall

The hall located at 10 HaSharon Street in Tel Aviv advertises itself as kosher ( under the Tel Aviv Rabbinate. It does not enjoy the rabbinate’s supervision. (Item number 8 in original document)


Yud Shevi Distribution
This company distributes food and cleaning products to hotels and coffee shops. It is located in Rishon L’Tzion. It sells some legume-based products as kosher, under the Rishon L’Tzion Rabbinate, under a bogus claim. The company was warned about six months ago, and while it continues to sell ‘kosher’ items, it does not have kashrut supervision from the Rabbinate. (Item number 9 in original document)


Boston Avraham LTD
Located in Moshav Adirim, the company has been marketing in both Israel and abroad, products marked under the OK kashrut supervision and kosher for Passover. The OK reports no such client. The Nahariya Rabbinate confirms the company enjoys regular basic kashrut certification only. (Item number 11 in original document)


Paradise Butcher
Located in Holon, at 45 Shenker Street, this butcher shop recently lost its kashrut supervision. The decision to revoke the certification after non-identifiable meat was found on the premises, meat feared to be non-kosher. This store supplies restaurants and butcher shops in the Holon, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Bat Yam, Rishon L’Tzion and other areas. The public is urged to beware. (Item number 11 in original document)


The following are making illegal claims of being kosher or their kashrut certification was revoked
Lerman Chai Bakery – 32 David Marcus Street – Segulah Industrial area – The Petach Tikvah Rabbinate revoked its kashrut supervision.

Pergo Pizza – 9 Sibin St. in Kiryat Matlin – PT Rabbinate revoked certification.

Ateret Bakery at 66 Meshech in Moshav Azariya –
Alvarcha Dairy Factory located in Kafr Muraviya -  both have lost their kosher certification from the Rabbinate Nationwide Kashrut.

A note: The Nationwide Kashrut Certification is used in areas where there are no active local religious councils, found mainly in Arab areas such as Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara), which do have kosher businesses operating. Since there is no local rabbinical authority, the Chief Rabbinate’s national supervision assumes responsibility.

Shulchan Yerakot Stall in the Shuk on Eitz Chaim St (Outside)
Shulchan Yerakot Farcho in N’vei Yaakov Shopping Center
Pitzuchim Mizrachi Vegetables – 160 Moshe Dayan Blvd
Pitzchei Spatz – Patt Jct.
The four above-mentioned businesses do not have Jerusalem Rabbinate supervision but claim to be kosher and display unauthorized certificates.

Achi Tov Restaurant – 48 HaNevi’im St.
Kubbabar Restaurant – 68 HaNevi’im St.
Mitbach Shoshana – 35 Derech Beit Lechem
The above three do not have Jerusalem Rabbinate supervision and claim to be kosher.

Kadur HaZahav Restaurant – 4 Ribal Street displays a sign stating “kosher” but has not rabbinate certification.

Ochel Shel Pa’am Restaurant – 103 Herzl Street – displays a sign stating “kosher” but has not rabbinate certification.

Pizza Boutique opposite 111 Allenby Street displays a sign stating “kosher” but has not rabbinate certification.

Shauli Shwarma at 105 Dizengoff – the Tel Aviv Rabbinate revoked the certification.

Baba John Restaurant at 17 HaYarkon Street – Advertises itself as kosher on the internet but is not certified by the Tel Aviv Religious Council.

Uzi Pastries on Yehudit Blvd – Advertises as mehadrin and displays the unauthorized Shemen L’Mishcha certificate and does not have Tel Aviv Religious Council certification.

Last item contains a brief note regarding procedure for completing a marriage ketuba document.


This document presents the actual facts from the Hebrew original but is not a literal translation.

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division

Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention



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  • Eliyahu
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    Regarding “Classy Leket Vegetable Mix – … (Heter mechira, mehadrin fresh bug-free vegetables)

    Isn’t a “Heter mechira” claim at this time for “fresh” produce like lettuce and tomatoes a bit suspicious in and of itself? I mean, we’re coming on a full year since the shemittah year ended, and my shemittah chart shows that starting back in Cheshvan the llettuce should have been “okay,” and I haven’t heard of these vegetable lasting even half so long. They MUST have been grown after shemittah, so why would they still be “Heter mechira”?

    Could it be that the kashruth falsifiers are so dumb they don’t even know what Heter mechirah and shemittah are really all about, so they just throw in some more “religious mumbo-jumbo” to make their products SOUND kosher?

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