BBar Geula & Moshiko Shwarma

Thursday, September 24, 2009
6 Tishrei 5770

1. Burgers Bar Geula – Truly Mehadrin
bbar-add-with-r-rubins-hechsherWell, we are making progress as there is one truly mehadrin Burgers Bar restaurant in Jerusalem, opened in recent weeks. It is located in Geula, 8 Yechezkel Street to be precise, under the supervision of Rabbi Rubin. The phone number is 02-650-0605. This burger chain has become extremely popular among visiting American post-high school students, despite the extremely basic level of kashrus maintained in stores. 

The other branches in the capital are either regular Jerusalem Rabbinate [not mehadrin] or have an unauthorized mehadrin sign alongside the Jerusalem Rabbinate.

• I stress that this report refers only to the above-mentioned branch.
•  One must check every branch of any restaurant prior to ordering.
• I also point out [again] that the use of the classification of an “unauthorized hecsher” is the determination of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, not Jerusalem Kosher News.

BBar Geula - Rav Rubin's Hechsher

BBar Geula - Rav Rubin's Hechsher

English menu for your convenience

English menu for your convenience Click to enlarge

2. Moshiko Shwarma Update

moshiko-shwarma-ou-crossed-outThe store, located on Ben-Yehuda Street in the center of Jerusalem,  is now under the Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin only.

OU-Israel has removed its certification from the store.

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  • Shimon
    September 27, 2009 - 17:39 | Permalink

    Beer is not allowed in Rav Rubin stores. Therefore, BBar does not serve beer even though it is mentioned on its menu.

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