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JKN Website
The “Kashrut Agencies in Israel” page on the website has finally been activated, now displaying numbers of agencies. It is far from comprehensive, but may prove helpful if you are trying to reach a kashrut agency. 

Any reader with additional reliable information to add to the list, please email me at


Jerusalem Plaza Hotel
I have received a number of inquiries regarding the Jerusalem Plaza Hotel as it has been sold, now under new ownership. I spoke with the hotel’s Rav, Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Altman, who informed me the standard at present, is unchanged, but in the future, there may be changes regarding the hechsher of meats used.

I will try to remain in contact with him and report if and when this occurs. For now, the meats are Eida Chareidit or Rav Landau.


Mehadrin Jerusalem Rabbinate in Machane Yehuda
With shmitah behind us, we once again are beginning to see Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin certificates in Machane Yehuda.

While mehadrin Jerusalem Rabbinate certificates appear ‘doctored’ because the date of expiration was literally cut and pasted on, the Rabbinate assures me they are legitimate. The reason was a printing error and the decision was made to cut and paste rather than incur the expense of printing new certificates.


Moshiko Shwarma – Ben-Yehuda Mall, Jerusalem
The store now has both Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin and OU Israel. The mashgiach timidi (there 8 hours a day, in the kitchen) is from the Jerusalem Rabbinate. The Jerusalem Rabbinate mashgiach supervisor also visits daily. The OU mashgiach told me he relies primarily on the Jerusalem Rabbinate folks and visits from time-to-time. Meats are Jerusalem Rabbinate/ Agudat Yisrael hechsher. (Received many requests and was able to get over there this week).

Chief Rabbinate Meat
There is an agreement that now results in Chief Rabbinate chalak beef to be slaughtered in cooperation with the Chief Rabbinate [of course] and Badatz Agudat Yisrael.

My rabbinical sources report the meat is now on a significantly higher level than was the case in the past. Readers are advised to consult with their local kashrut expert for additional information and suitability.

Report on Infestation in Fish –Rabbi Moshe Vaya Shlita
The latest report released last week by Rav Moshe Vaya Shlita pertaining to infestation of bugs and worms in fish appears on the JKN website in the original Hebrew. This document will not be translated for the list. Sorry folks.

If you purchase fresh fish, you may wish to take the time to study this valuable halachic report which is based on much research and testing.

The document will not be distributed to the email list but may be viewed on the website at:


JKN Walking Tours of Machane Yehuda

Rather than emailing me, just monitor the email list of the website. When new dates are decided upon for walking tours of the shuk, I will post to the list. At present, the two tours set for next week, August 11th, are booked solid. Please be patient. Doing the best I can folks.


  • Eliyahu
    August 3, 2009 - 19:15 | Permalink

    “Doing the best I can folks.”

    And a fine job it is. Thank you very much for all of the hard work you put into this.

    A BIG “yasher koach“!

  • Shmuel
    August 5, 2009 - 15:35 | Permalink

    Are there any changes with the Kohinoor restaurant since you wrote about it?

  • AMR
    August 5, 2009 - 16:55 | Permalink

    How Unfortunate that this site exists!!!!

    In Israel the first hashgacha that ANY item needs is one from the local rabbanut. with out this the item is not kosher. Under the law any other stamp is nothing more than a marketing sticker. Kashrut comes from the rabbanut and rabbanut only.

    There are in fact no numbers or links for any kashrut organizations on this site and all of the numbers listed are only marketing stickers how sad!!!!

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