Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Alert 022-2009

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 022
August 5, 2009
15 Av 5769

kosher-report1Boris’ Bakery Nabbed…
Kashrut inspectors who arrived without prior notification at Boris’ Bakery (123 Livinsky Street, Tel Aviv), found labels for other products, “Borris’ specialties” and “Tuvlia’s specialties”, both claiming kashrut supervision from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Rabbinate. It has been learned the items do not have any kosher supervision whatsoever. One should not buy anything from this company. (See accompanying photo is original documents below, item 1 on the left side).


Yarok BaMidbar Mehadrin Company

According to Rabbi Shmuel Shukrin Shlita, head of the Eshkol Regional Council Rabbinate, products from the above mentioned company sold as insect-free marked with his regional council’s supervision are bogus. Making things worse, there is a suspicion that some of the contents of the firm’s products are not even kosher. One should avoid the items.  (See accompanying photo is original documents below, item 2 on right side)


GNC Women’s Ultra Mega
The above mentioned product manufactured by the Nutra Company in the United States is represented as kosher/parve with a Triangle K (USA) and authorization from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The Chief Rabbinate has never granted authorization to import the item. (See accompanying photo is original documents below, item 3 on the right side).


Omega 3 Food Supplement

The above mentioned food supplement manufactured by R.P. Shrar LTD, Germany, imported by Super Medic Light LTD, Haifa, does not have any kosher certification despite the label stating under the supervision of Rabbi M. Levinger, Basil, Switzerland. It was also not authorized for import by the Chief Rabbinate as stated. There are genuine fears regarding the source of the fish oil used in the product. (See accompanying photo is original documents below, item 4 on the left side).


Tuna Alert and Explanation
One of the criteria set forth by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel for tuna being imported to Israel is that it is manufactured in the presence of a mashgiach to avoid a number of concerns, including bishul akum and non-kosher fish accidentally finding their way into the tuna marked as kosher. It is pointed out that there are kashrut agencies abroad that do not demand the presence of a mashgiach during the manufacture of tuna and rely on halachic rulings permitting such action. They also permit bishul akum, these decisions in accordance to their considerations for their constituents. As such, Jamco white albacore tuna chunks in oil (barcode 7290006884145) with an OU hechsher, as well as Pillar Rock pink salmon (barcode 7303010314) with an OU, and Iltit Varuda (uncertain of product by Hebrew name) (barcode 7290012019388) with an OU, are all unapproved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Therefore they are not permitted in any place with a Rabbinate supervision and must be returned to supplier immediately. (See accompanying photo is original documents below, item 5 on the left  and right sides).

Shwarma Alert
Acting on a complaint, it was learned that a new branch of Beit HaShwarma was opened at 62 Herzl Street in Lod [in the former Bank Hapoalim]. The store advertises kosher under the local rabbinate, with two mashgichim. In actuality, the store has no supervision at all.


Kashrut Removed from Catering Firm

The Gilboa Region Rabbinate has revoked its kashrut certification from the caterer operating under the name Timun Ta’am Chavaya Pinuk, under the management of Yaron Cohen, Kibbutz Tel Yosef. The rabbinate no longer accepts responsibility for the firm’s kashrut and therefore, it is prohibited for use to conduct weddings.


Olive Oil Alert

Health inspectors who conducted standard tests on bottles of olive oil learned some are not what they claim to be, containing other additives in addition to the claimed 100% olive oil. This includes:

**100% Katit Olive Oil (4 liter containers), manufacture date 8/2008, Jerusalem

** 100% Katit Olive Oil (630cc), manufacture date 9/2008, Jerusalem

**100% Katit Olive Oil (4 liter containers), distributed by TAAM Zayit LTD, manufacture date 8/2009.

They contain other oils in addition to olive oil. Buyer beware. (See accompanying photo is original documents below, item 8 on the right side).


Fish Alert
Importer Pe’er Meats & Fowl LTD has imported Zahavon (Coalfish / Saithe) fish covered in ice (80% fish) manufactured in China. It is labeled kosher parve, under the supervision of Rabbi Netanel Meudad, Hong Kong and with import permission from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The fish has no kashrut supervision.

Bogus Mehadrin Kashrut Alert
Ta’am V’Reiach Restaurant located at the entrance of Moshav Ein Yaakov displays a Mehadrin kashrut certificate from the Mor Levana kashrut agency, one that is not authorized or recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. (See accompanying photo is original documents below, item 10 on the left side).


Haifa Rabbinate Revokes Restaurant’s Kashrut
The kashrut of Mizrachit HaK’shera Restaurant, the City Center Building, first floor, 6 Ben-Gurion Blvd was revoked due to serious kashrut violations. In one serious incident, in which a mashgiach was assaulted, police assistance was required.

Chief Rabbinate National Kashrut Revokes Certification
The Gedbon Food and Drinks Distributor LTD located in Kfar Mazara lost its kosher certification and their products should not be used.


Alei HaSharon Gets a Reprieve
The shrubbery from Alei HaSharon may once again be used after proper arrangements for kosher certification were made.


Special reminder during vacation time
1.    If you are traveling, a photocopy of a kashrut certificate is invalid.
2.    The store name on the sign must match the name of kashrut certificate.
3.    The addresses must match
4.    The certificate must be current, not expired
5.    The local rabbinate certifying agency must be the rabbinate of that city, not from another city.
6.    At times, stores without a kashrut certification will display certificates pertaining to sealed items they sell, but that does not cover the store.
7.    One is advised to make phone contact with the mashgiach whose name and number appear on the certificate to validate legitimacy.

His document presents the actual facts from the Hebrew original but is not a literal translation.

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division

Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention



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