Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Alert 021-2009

kosher-reportChief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 021
July 21, 2009
29 Tammuz  5769

Merlot Wine Alert

Ein Kerem Merlot Sira wine 2006 (barcode 7290003541430) states it is mehadrin min ha’mehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Dov Lior Shlita and the OU USA, kosher of Passover. An inspection reveals the wine is a fraud and it does not have any kosher supervision. (See photo 1 on the left side in the original document at the end of this article). 


Shmitah Alert

Chief Rabbinate inspectors have learned some farmers are selling goods with forged bills of lading claiming the produce is “kedushat shvi’it – Otzar beit din” while in actuality, there is no kashrut supervision at all, not on matters pertaining to tevel, orla or shmitah. This bogus forms have legitimate-looking stamps and may easily fool a non discerning eye.

The Rabbinate points out that shmitah has all but expired on most items and therefore, buyers should be aware that laws of trumot and ma’asrot are applicable once again and one must always remain alert to the matter of orla (fruits of the first three years).  (See photo on the right side of item 2 in original Hebrew document below.


Raisin Alert
The Jerusalem Rabbinate has learned that raisins sold under the name Tali’s Raisins, from Moshav Lachish, marked as kosher mehadrin under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate are bogus. The factory states the mehadrin stamp was affixed accidentally.


Alei HaSharon Bug Free Greens

The Zichron Yaakov and Jerusalem Rabbinates report the supervision has been revoked from the Alei HaSharon Company producing bug-free greens. It appears the company fails to comply with the protocol set forth by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel for growing bug-free greens.

Cotton Candy Alert
Strawberry flavored cotton candy (barcode 7640103867013) manufactured in Indonesia is being marketed as kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Yaakov Hochberg of Canada. The Chief Rabbinate has not approved the item. (See item 5 on the left side of the original Hebrew document below)

Label Clarification Alert
In reference to the Gidron Company labeling, it has been decided in cooperation with the kosher certifying agency to stop the practice of using labels that state “kosher dairy/parve”, leaving the final determining process until a carton is sealed. These cartons are distributed nationwide, including some stores that are now kosher. Some stores lack supervision and there may be no separation or proper adherence to halacha regarding the separation of parve and dairy. The company has committed to halting the current practice. New guidelines demand that each carton specify the local rabbinate giving certification and exactly which items are dairy/parve on each item. The cartons will also continue to state under the Holon Rabbinate in accordance to law. (See photo on the right side of item 6 in the original Hebrew document below)


Rechovot Kashrut Alert
The kosher supervision was removed from the Zohara Restaurant (2 Bilu Street) by the Rechovot Rabbinate.


Netanya Kashrut Alert
Two different businesses under the same owner have been displaying bogus kashrut certificates from the Netanya Rabbinate, using a quality photocopy that is difficult to distinguish from the real thing. This refers to Bistro Bar (2 Milinski Street) and Mifgash HaPa’amonim (50 Herzl Street). The matter has been handed over to Israel Police.


The remainder of the update addresses the receipt of meats by stores and wholesalers. This portion is not being translated. It may be viewed in the original Hebrew document below.

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division
Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention



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