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Restaurant Update – Max Burgers Goes Bogus
max-with-bogus-tifferet-kashrutjpegMax Burgers located on Paran Street in Jerusalem’s Ramat Eshkol Shopping Center is no longer under the Badatz Agudat Yisrael hechsher, but it is now under the bogus Tiferet Kashrut, an off-shoot of Keter Kashrut, which now has a case pending in the Supreme Court with the Chief Rabbinate.[Hearing set for Sept].

Agudah reports the restaurant decided to return the certificate on its own. This may be a cost-saving measure since now; he does not have to pay the salary of a mashgiach since there isn’t any.

Once again, thanks to a JKN subscriber for taking the time and effort to email me the photos of the bogus kashrut certificate.


Dairy Mehadrin or Not Mehadrin

For those who understand, it is clear the matter is too complex for a short article but I continue to receive many requests as to some of the differences regarding rabbinate regular and mehadrin.

kosher-milkA very small look, just involving dairy, not meat which is even more complicated reveals that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel permits derivatives of whey that are halachicly deemed non chalav yisrael milk/cheese powder. Yes, I too am aware many a serious rabbi has Okayed the powder, but those wishing to refrain from such ingredients and eat non-mehadrin cheeses may find themselves eating chalav stam.

There are also less stringent views in regular hechsher as well regarding gelatin which appears in dairy products, approved by the Chief Rabbinate.

In essence, if you want true chalav yisrael and accept all the stringencies, wishing to avoid non-chalav yisrael dairy powers, you must buy only mehadrin dairy products.

Regarding dairy, the Chief Rabbinate also permits milk that was milked on Shabbat while the mehadrin will not. There are also issues regarding weekdays pertaining to non-shomer Shabbat dairy farms, some even using non-Jewish employees and/or volunteers. The badatz Eida Chareidit mehadrin dairy products will not accept these items for example, using milk from shomer Shabbat farms to avoid the difficulties.

I stress this is not an issue of kosher verses non-kosher chas v’sholom, but one who is stringent regarding chalav yisrael, including powdered milk/cheese, must only purchase mehadrin. The Chief Rabbinate accepts chalav yisrael from the time of [cheese] processing and not necessarily from time of milking as is the case with the mehadrin. The same holds true by the way [to some degree] with major American supervisions like OU and others.

Remember that Torah giants like Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l and the late chief rabbi of Jerusalem Rav Frank zt”l approved such leniencies [albeit with prejudice and partially due to the time/place they were given], but there are issues that have compelled many current day poskim to reject them, but no one rules there is an issue of kosher, just chalav yisrael mehadrin.

The point is the statement that “there is no non-chalav yisrael in Israel” is simply not true. One may call Rav Whitman (Tnuva), or Strauss Dairy or Rav Landau who gives the hechsher on chalav yisrael Strauss line and they will tell you if you want chalav yisrael only, then you may only buy the mehadrin products.

Things become increasingly complicated regarding goat milk and products as well. Remember that today in Israel, there are non-religious farms, and in the case of goats, milk at times may come from Bedouins or other non-Jews, making it much more difficult, especially with cheese since unlike milk, cheese from a non-Jews is forbidden.


Corny Snack Bars
corny-barsIf you are a fan of the popular Corny snack bars, read this for it may be relevant to you. The product from Germany is sold in Israel and says “Kosher under supervision of Dov Lev Barsilay, formally of Hamburg, with the ishur of the Rabbanut”.

Thanks to one of the JKN subscribers, I received the following article which states the rabbi was dismissed after it was learned he lacked ordination papers (not a rabbi as claimed).

I have made numerous calls to the Chief Rabbinate to inquire as to the legitimacy of claims that the product is permitted for import with the Rabbinate’s OK. I spoke with Rabbi Chaim Lasri this afternoon, who heads the Chief Rabbinate Import Division regarding the product in question, Corny. It is indeed under the supervision of Chief Rabbinate and the claim that it is approved is legitimate. Rav Lasri told me the Chief Rabbinate does accept Dov Lev Barsilay supervision.


If Only it Were True

Badatz Nezer Hidur

Badatz Nezer Hidur

The Rav Posek of the Jerusalem Local Religious Council HaRav Eliyahu Schlesinger Shlita gave an interview to Kol Chai Radio on Tuesday night during which he stated he is pleased that most of the bogus hechsherim are gone thanks to their efforts, and one will almost not see them in Jerusalem any more.

If only this were the case but I am afraid it is far from accurate.

Perhaps if you see bogus supervision certificates begin making noise, telephoning the local religious council’s kashrus department for if enough people complain they may get out there and crack down (02-621-4888) or the Chief Rabbinate Fraud Division (02-531-3187). Do not be bashful!


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    I think it would be worthwhile putting the contact details of the Jerusalem rabbanut and the chief rabbinate fraud division in a more prominent place on your website. These can be difficult to find on the web especially as they are not in English.

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