Chief Rabbinate – Kashrut Update 019-2009

Chief Rabbinate of Israelkosher-report
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 019
June 18, 2009
26 Sivan 5769

Inspectors Attacked During Inspection of a Butcher Shop
A recent inspection of Shlomo and Tzuri Levy Butcher, located in Moshav Peduim, revealed the store was displaying a kashrut certificate from Yuval Cohen of Netivot, who is not authorized to give kashrut supervision as per the Kashrut Law of 1983. It should be pointed out that Cohen’s supervision only came about after the Merchavim Rabbanut removed its kashrut from the butcher shop for gross kashrut violations.

The inspectors were attacked, beaten over their entire bodies, clothing torn, and they sustained injuries from the unjustifiable and unprovoked attack. One of the inspectors was transported from the scene in an ambulance. The suspects were eventually removed in handcuffs. Rabbinate Fraud Division officials warn consumers not to use any products from the butcher shop or rely on the supervision of Yuval Cohen.

Treif – Non Kosher Meat
A surprise inspection of the Mena Mena Restaurant in the M-HaDerech Mall near Bet Herut on the Coastal Road inspectors found swarma, turkey meat purchased in Um el-Fahm. The store however exhibited a photocopied kashrut certificate from Rav Yuruslavsky from Kiryat Malachi. Legal action is being taken against the owners of the establishment.

Ohf HaNegev – Chickens
It is being reported that some of the chickens slaughtered in the Ohf HaNegev slaughter house in southern Israel are being labeled “Under the Supervision of the Vaad Rabbanei Chabad – Rabbi Hillel Posner”. Rav Posner does not give any supervision in Israel and the labels are fraudulent. It is also feared that the slaughter house is also illegally affixing labels that state “Vaad Rabbanei Crown Heights”.   (See photo 3 in original document below)

Yariv Hall

As per a growing number of inquiries, the Chief Rabbinate announced the catering hall know as Yariv Iru’im located at 50 Yogev Boulevard in Moshav Olash does not have kashrut supervision from the Rabbinate and therefore, the hall is not to be used as is the case with its catering equipment. (See photo 4 in original document below)


Happy Ness – Rimonim Catering

The Rishon L’Tzion Rabbinate reports the company known as Happy-Ness or Rimonim Catering, operated by a woman named Kathie, is displaying a forged Rishon L’Tzion Local Rabbinate kashrut certificate issued to Kathie Chef Catering. The businesses operated by this woman have never received kosher certification from the Rishon L’Tzion or Petach Tikvah Rabbinate. (See photo 5 in original document below)


A product being sold in Israel, labeled in English Multiflex Protector is marked as under the supervision of Rabbi Hochfeld, Germany, with authorization from the Chief Rabbi Import Division. The claim is fraudulent and the product should not be used. (See photo 6 in original document below)

Alei HaSharon – Sharon Greens
The greens being marketed as ‘bug-free’ “Gush Katif” brand under the label Alei HaSharon is actually quite infested and should not be used. The same holds true for the greens with the label “Yivulei HaNegev” from Moshav Shuva.


Jerusalem Organic Bakery Mehadrin
Breads being sold in northern Israel under the label Jerusalem Organic Bakery Mehadrin have the unauthorized supervision from the Mor Levona agency. The company does not have any supervision from the rabbinate or any known accepted kashrut agency.


Following is a list of businesses that are making fraudulent kashrut claims or have had their supervision revoked.
Tel Megiddo Restaurant has lost its supervision.
Spoons Café – 3 HaNasi Street – Kashrut revoked but it continues to advertise as kosher.

Birchat Yosef Bakery in the Be’er Tuvia Industrial Park – kashrut revoked due to non-compliance.


Biankini Restaurant – Kikar Denia – has an unauthorized Nezer HaHidur Kashrut but does not have a Rabbanut certification.

Asiatic Bar – 103 Herzl – Kikar Denia – has an unauthorized Nezer HaHidur Kashrut but does not have a Rabbanut certification.
Terminal Restaurant – 15 Ben-Tzion Gliss Street – kashrut revoked

Sima’s Shwarma – 74 Orlev Street – kashrut revoked.


Sbarro Restaurant – New Bus Station, 5th floor – kashrut revoked but refuses to turn over the certificate

Grill Bar – 47 Yehuda Halevy Street – kashrut revoked but refuses to turn over certificate

Chantalo Restaurant – 58 Yehuda HaMaccabi Street – The store sign says kosher but there is no supervision from the Rabbinate.

Gerba Restaurant – 330 Dizengoff Street – kashrut revoked but refuses to turn over certificate

Yafeh Te’amim Restaurant – 6 Antiochus Street – Advertises as ‘glatt kosher’ with no Rabbinate supervision

Shwarma  – Corner of Livinsky Street and 13 Merchavia Street  – Advertises as mehadrin without Rabbinate superivison.

Metamei Sharazad Restaurant – Dizengoff Center –displays a photocopy of a kashrut certificate. Does not have Rabbanut superivison.

AM PM Supermarket – Outside says Kol bo Sholom – 9 Ahad HaAm Street- the bakery in the premises advertises as kosher but the certificate is outdated and the store refuses to return it.


Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division
Rabbi Rafi Yochai

Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

Chief Rabbinate bug infestation report (Yuvul HaNegv and Alei HaSharon) companies

Chief Rabbinate bug infestation report (Yuvul HaNegv and Alei HaSharon) companies






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