Kashrut News – May 31, 2009 – 8 Iyar 5769

Eden Natural Foods -

According to Rav Yair Metuki of the Ohr Yehuda Religious Council, following an inquiry with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, the Eden Natural Foods chain appears to be fraudulently using a ‘sale of chametz’ certificate of that applies only to the Ohr Yehuda branch. 

He says that the Rabbanut will deal with the problem.

Pick Your Own Berries – Moshav She’al (מושב שעל)
Moshav She’al in the N. Golan Heights
04-698-1651 / Roni Levy – 052-460-0465

cherriesIf you are among the seasonal visitors to the north and enjoy blueberry, raspberry and cherry picking, you must also be aware that you should inquire as to the kashrut in such areas pertaining to orla, the fruits of a tree that are forbidden during the first three years.

This particular operation (Moshav She’al) explains that the blueberries are under the supervision of the Golan Heights Rabbinate. Roni adds that raspberries and cherries are under the Eida Chareidit, Jerusalem.

I spoke with Rabbi Shlomo Brandwein, who is responsible for orla for the Eida Chareidit. He told me that cherries and cherries alone are under the Eida supervision, nothing else that is available for picking in the moshav. (This makes sense due to the concerns regarding bug infestation with berries and the Eida’s strict policy regarding berries).

JKN spoke with the Golan Heights Religious Council, Rabbi Yishai Samuel, who states they take responsibility for the blueberries regarding orla concerns.

JKN did not ask regarding any of the other berries since they are too problematic regarding bugs.

If you are interested in asking however, you may phone the Golan Heights Religious Council at 04-685-0590.

I Did Not Forget
The number of requests to conduct an inspection and/or visit to a particular hotel, restaurant or hospital continues to pile up, but in reality, most of you will be disappointed.

To remind you, I am a one-man army and this project is a volunteer one, during off hours from work. As such, time is extremely limited. I do hope to try to make my way to Jerusalem hospitals in the next stage of reports, no promises however.

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