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Nothing major to report but with spring fever in the air, it appears that people are getting an appetite. There are a growing number of requests as to the supervision of Jerusalem restaurants. Here is a list updated as of today. The list is by far not comprehensive and many many reliable restaurants are not listed. Time factor as usual. 

The order is not significant and once again, JKN does not endorse or recommend restaurants, but does point out if an establishment does use one of the unauthorized kashrut agencies as defined by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

elunalogoA word of caution – I checked the website and it is just fine for getting discount coupons and restaurant contact information. The kashrut information is not up-to-date in many cases, and some restaurants listed as “mehadrin” or other terms indicating stricter supervision rely on the unauthorized agencies. All of the Jerusalem restaurants listed below in the first section are listed under the “Glatt and Mehadrin Category” of eLuna.

I strongly urge you to always check for a valid kashrut certificate in any restaurant before being seated since changes occur frequently.

All Jerusalem restaurants are ‘02’ area code:

Buffalo Steakhouse – Meat
54 Emek Refaim Street (German Colony)
Rabbanut regular

Burger Deli – Meat
Rav Shefa Mall
Rav Rubin

Darna – Meat
3 Horkanos Street (downtown)
Rabbanut Regular – Kashrut Mehuderet (UNAUTHORIZED)

Korisin (Meat)
Malcha Mall
Rabbanut Mehadrin

Noya – Meat
3 Shlomtzion HaMalka Street (downtown)
Rabbanut mehadrin

Ahavat Haiam (Fish)
Paz Gas Station Ben-Zvi Avenue, Opposite Saker Garden
Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin

Angelica (Meat)
7 Shatz Street
Jerusalem Rabbinate regular

Café Ne’eman (Dairy)
Malcha Mall
Rabbanut mehadrin

Corus Restaurant (Dairy)
43 Yirmiyahu Street (Center 1)
Rabbanut Mehadrin

Dagim Bechatzer (Fish)
31 Jaffe Street (Feinberg Courtyard)
Rabbanut Mehadrin

Grill Bar (Meat)
1 HaSoreg Street
Jerusalem Rabbinate regular – Kashrut Mehuderet (NOT AUTHORIZED)

HaMishpacha (Meat)
12 Yoel Solomon Street (downtown)
Jerusalem Rabbinate regular – plus ONE OF THE UNAUTHORIZED ONES

Holy Bagel (Dairy)
220 Jaffe Street (near Central Bus Station)
Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin

Keyara (Meat)
8 Ramban Street (Windmill)
Jerusalem Rabbinate – Agudat Yisrael Mehadrin

La Boca (Meat)
46 Emek Refaim Street (Emek Refaim)
Jerusalem Rabbinate – Keter Kashrut (UNAUTHORIZED)

Marvad Haksamim (Meat)
42 Emek Refaim Street (German Colony)
Jerusalem Rabbinate (not Mehadrin)

Muscat (Dairy/Fish)
24 Kanfei Nesharim (Givat Shaul)
Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin

Ninas Bagel Café (Dairy)
7 Paran Street (Ramat Eshkol Shopping Center)
Rav Rubin

Pera e Mela (Dairy)
Pears & Apples
6 Safra Square (Jerusalem City Hall complex)
Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin – OU

RYU (Meat)
25 Emek Refaim (German Colony)
Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin

Sheyan (Meat)
8 Ramban Street (Windmill)
Badatz Agudat Yisrael mehadrin

Spoons (Meat or Dairy)
21 Ha-Oren (Ein Kerem)
Mehadrin Rabbi Katzin, the Sephardic Center (UNAUTHORIZED)

Velka (Dairy)
5 Eben Shaprut (Shaare Chessed)
OU Israel

Village Green (Vegetarian)
33 Jaffe Street (downtown)
Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin – Belze Machzikei Hadas Mehadrin


The Following list was provided by OU Israel today regarding Jerusalem establishments under its supervision.


Hotels and Guest-houses

Bayit Vegan Guest House    8 Hapisga St.

Jerusalem Gate Hotel    43 Yirmiyahu Street
Ramada Jerusalem Hotel    Ruppin Bridge at Herzl Blvd.
Sheraton Plaza Hotel    47 King George St.
Moriah Classic Hotel    9 St. George St.

Restaurants and Cafes
Agas VeTapuach    Building 6, Kikar Safra
Israel Center Café and Shockettino Catering    22 Keren Hayesod
Pituyim Café (Parve and Dairy)    5 Rachel Imenu St.
Pituyim Café (Parve and Dairy) New Branch    9 Hamelech Shlomo St. Mamila
Red Heifer (Steakhouse)    38 King George St.
Velka Café (Parve and Dairy)    5 Ibn Shaprut
Moshiko Falafel & Shwarma    5 Ben Yehuda St.

Angel Bakeries (When bearing the OU symbol)    Kiryat Moshe
Neeman Bakeries (When bearing the OU symbol)    2 Hataasiyah St, Talpiot

Naomi Caterers    12 Hataasiyah St.
Jerusalem Cuisine    50 Haoren St.    Mevaseret Zion


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    I was wondering about the frozen yogurt store “Fruit Bar” on Emek Refaim. It had a te’uda that says that only the fruits and vegetables are under supervision of the Rabbanut. What does that mean? Is the yogurt not kosher? Is the store not kosher? Why would they give a hashgacha then on the fruit?

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