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Jerusalem Restaurants & More

Hi folks, Nothing major to report but with spring fever in the air, it appears that people are getting an appetite. There are a growing number of requests as to the supervision of Jerusalem restaurants. Here is a list updated as of today. The list is by far not comprehensive and many many reliable restaurants read more »

Kashrut News – May 31, 2009 – 8 Iyar 5769

Eden Natural Foods – According to Rav Yair Metuki of the Ohr Yehuda Religious Council, following an inquiry with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, the Eden Natural Foods chain appears to be fraudulently using a ‘sale of chametz’ certificate of that applies only to the Ohr Yehuda branch. 

Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Update 018-2009

Chief Rabbinate of Israel Fraud Division Kashrut Alert – 018 May 26, 2009 3 Sivan 5769 Warning – Non-Kosher Lamb Fat Beit Basar – Pinsker Street- The New Rishon L’Tzion Industrial Park – 050-766-8444 Agriculture inspectors found cartons of lamb fat bearing the label “Beit Basar” which were marked as kosher. It was learned the read more »

Vitamen Café – Hebrew U. Mt. Scopus Campus

The ‘Zman Jerusalem’ Hebrew weekly reports the Vitamin Café and Vitamin Meat restaurant located on the Hebrew University Mount Scopus Campus is threatening the Jerusalem Religious Council with a NIS multi-million lawsuit, represented by attorney Ashri Dahan. 

Kashrus Brief – May 21, 2009 – 27 Iyar 5769

Hod Catering – Jerusalem 052-807-0909 (Maimon) Let me begin by thanking a reader who was concerned enough to start the ball rolling and then pass the information to me with a request to investigate. In some cases, that is how I learn about possible kashrut frauds. In the Tel Arza neighborhood of the capital, on read more »

Kashrus Brief – May 20, 2009 – 26 Iyar 2769

Update on SuperSol Deal Givat Shaul A positive update on the May 13th report regarding SuperSol Deal in Givat Shaul.

SuperSol Deal – Givat Shaul – Jerusalem

There is a branch of SuperSol Deal supermarket located on Kanfei Nesharim Street in Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul neighborhood. Ironically, it is situated in a religious neighborhood and bridges two other religious neighborhoods, Har Nof and Kiryat Moshe.

Chief Rabbinate Update 017 – 2009

A surprise inspection conducted by agriculture and veterinary inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture of a truck belonging to Daniel Danny Meats (Kfar Saba) in the Afula area revealed the vehicle was transported traif (non-kosher) meat which the driver insisted came from a legitimate slaughter house in Shfaram. 

State Comptroller Documents Kashrut Deficiencies in Major Cities

State Comptroller Justice Micha Lindenstrauss on Wednesday (May 6th) released his semi-annual report, a 63 chapter comprehensive volume addressing many aspects of Israeli life, including kashrus. The state Comptroller’s report cites serious flaws pertaining to the process of issuing kashrut certificates in Israel, addressing the state’s authorized body, the Chief Rabbinate and local rabbinical councils. 

Kashrus Briefs – Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1.    Kashrus Returned to Pizza Ha’emek – Kiryat Arba I have spoken to R’ David Edri, the Kiryat Arba Religious Council Mashgiach, who confirms reports that the supervision has been restored to Kiryat Arba’s Pizza Ha’emek, stressing the certificate is regular and in no way to be perceived as mehadrin.