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29 Nissan 5769 – Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Well, the first stage of the Jerusalem Kosher News website is up and running, containing 61 posts, the major content from the Google group, transferred to its new home.
The major improvement offered by the site is the ability for readers to comment (moderated of course) and in the coming months I hope there will be photos replacing the old URL links as was the case in the Google forum, making reports clearer and increasingly reader friendly.
Future postings to the email list will contain a title, lead sentence and URL link to the article on the website. Articles will no longer be emailed directly but you will receive notification that the website is updated.
There does not seems to be adequate time to visit all the restaurants, and Baruch Hashem while readership is increasing daily, this comes with an increased number of requests to visit eateries, hotels and other establishments. I remind readers this is a one-man volunteer effort, and on most days, I am pleased if time permits responding to email inquiries.
It is imperative that you realize kashrut certifications change frequently in Israel and reports are dated to permit you to realize if they may be relied upon. In any and all cases, when entering a place to eat, you should examine the teudah and make certain it is valid and so-forth.
I remind readers I am not a rav or posek, and do not intend to answer halachic inquiries. I can report on the kashrus situation based on first hand information obtained from reliable agencies and sources, as well as my own observations but questions pertaining to halachic issues must be addressed to a competent rabbi, one familiar with the intricacies of kashrut, and the complexities of the kashrus scene in the Holy Land.
Generally speaking, the website comments will be moderated once daily, so if you do not see your comment posted immediately, please hang in there – you are not being ignored.
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Yechiel Spira –jerusalemkn@gmail.com

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