Chief Rabbinate Update 015-2009

Chief Rabbinate Update 015
April 23, 2009
29 Nissan 5769

Cream Soda with the product code 4860001121069 released by Lumisi JSC, and a strawberry flavored drink on a mineral water base product code 8809041424491, released by OKF-CO, advertise themselves under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate. The claim is fraudulent and the products are not supervised and therefore, should not be purchased or carried on store shelves. 
JERUSALEM: The giant vegetable ‘shuk’ of fruits and vegetables run by Dror Cohen located at 69 Givat Shaul Street is suspected of diplaying a fraudulent Jerusalem Rabbinate kashrut certificate while in actuality, the certificate was revoked from the store. Unfortunately, the store continues to exhibit the certificate but in actuality, it no longer has kashrut supervision.
YAHUD RABBANUT: The local Rabbanut has revoked the kashrut supervision from the Beit HaYayin Hall located on 9 Altalaff Street as well as the Danny Packaging plant located at 20 HaMalacha Street. On should refrain from holding events in the catering hall or using the later for its products.
Tel Aviv: An inspection of the Ta’anugot Bakery located at 6 Kaufman Street in Tel Aviv reveals the business advertises itself as kosher mehadrin from the Tel Aviv Rabbinate but in actuality, there is no supervision whatsoever.
The Chief Rabbinate warns pertaining to the Internet site pertaining to the Kat-Blau Restaurant and catering facility located near Beit Oron. Despite adverts to the contrary, there is no supervision according to the Haifa Rabbinate.
Regarding the many inquiries received pertaining to the validity of the standard bread loaf under the label Tuv Tam. Jerusalem Religious Council officials confirm that Angel’s Bakery prior to Pessach sold a quantity of bread to a non-Jew in preparation for after the yomtov, to meet the demand for bread. The bread that was sold under this label stated it was from before Pessach, and it was regular and not mehadrin supervision, despite the packaging indicating otherwise. Appropriate steps will be taken in the future to avoid confusion among those who are stringent and do not eat “true chametz” (Chametz Gamur) that existed prior to the holiday.
The Rishon L’Tzion Religious Council was shocked to learn that the Katif Company, affiliated with SuperSol, decided to act unilaterally and issue kosher certificates valid from 1 Nissan 5769 to 1 Tishrei 5770. The certificates carry a forged signature of Rav Moshe Nachshoni. The certificates are invalid, fraudulent, and rabbis are instructed to remove them immediately.
An inspection of the Club Zol supermarket located in the Gamron Shopping Center in the Sheba Medical Center facility in Ramat Gan reveals the store never sold its chametz, rendering all its non-kosher for Passover products unsuitable for kosher consumers. Most unfortunately, a quantity of the prohibited products from this supermarket will undoubtedly find its way into the government hospital facility, which is certified kosher.
The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Rabbinate reports there are two factories which produce shofars under its supervision. The Davida Factory located at 20 Chaver HaLeumim Street and Ribek Bar Sheshet located at 131Nachlat Binyamin. The public should be aware that many of the shofars sold are produced by non-Jews and un-kosher for the mitzvah on blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah. Consumers are urged to only purchase Judaica items from know, reliable, supervised sources.
The Chief Rabbinate reminds consumers that a store displaying a valid sign that chametz items were sold in no way constitutes a kashrut certificate. In addition, consumers are urged to be especially cautious when shopping to avoid transgressing the prohibition of benefiting from items that are chametz and remained in the possession of a Jew over Passover.
Following is a list of establishments advertising as kosher when in fact they are not – or establishments that have had their kashrut certificates revoked.
Kiryat Arba: HaEmek Pizza – under the management of Yaakov Iluz – kashrut certificate revoked.
Petach Tikvah: Schot – fruit juice bar – kashrut certificate was revoked.
Petach Tikvah: Café Illan – kashrut certificate revoked.
Tel Aviv:
Berg King located at 64 Even Givrol Street – the store exhibits an invalid kashrut certificate.
Domino Pizza located at 4 Liskov Street – the kashrut has been revoked but the store refuses to hand over the certificate.
Shenker School Cafeteria located at 30 HaLevanon Street – despite adverts to the contrary, it is not under the rabbinate supervision.
Litzner Cafeteria located on Rashi Street near Ramat Gan – displays an outdated kashrut certificate.
Matte Asher Council: Mevushelet Restaurant located in the Rosh HaNikra area near the kibbutz has no supervision.
Chatzor HaGlilit: America Restaurant located at Machanayim Jct – the kashrut certiciation was revoked after it opened on Shabbat.
Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division
Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

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Yechiel Spira
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  • Milhouse
    April 28, 2009 - 17:37 | Permalink

    The public should be aware that many of the shofars sold are produced by non-Jews and un-kosher for the mitzvah on blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah. Consumers are urged to only purchase Judaica items from know, reliable, supervised sources.

    WHAT??? Since when does a shofar have to be made by a Jew? What’s wrong with these shofarot, and how dare the Rabbanut harm the parnassah of the seller in this way? The author of this “alert” is either an amhaaretz or is deliberately lying in order to drum up business for his fellows in the hashgacha industry.

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