Ariel Bakery Loses Mehadrin Hechsher

The Ariel Bakery, which has numerous branches, traces its humble
beginning to the Talpiot area of Haifa, now a major bakery serving
northern areas of Israel.
The kashrus supervision of Badatz Rav Rubin has announced the bakery
is no longer under its supervision due to violations pertaining to
chametz in some of its branches . In a “clarification” issued on at
the end of last week, bakery officials report the plant and dough
factory remains under the Haifa Rabbinate and they were under Rav
Rubin in the past, adding before Pesach they turned to the Eida
Chareidit and have been following the Eida’s kashrus instructions
since Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Bakery officials insist they began probing
the changeover to the Eida Chareidit a number of months ago for a
number of business-related reasons.
Bakery officials do however admit a private franchise owner did indeed
open his Kiryat Tivon store during Pesach, stating that the management
is well-aware of the severity of his actions and in response, has
terminated the agreement with that store.
At present, the Eida Chareidit has not given its stamp of approval to
the bakery while Rav Rubin’s badatz has removed its supervision,
leaving the bakery with a non-mehadrin supervision from the Haifa
Religious Council. Some are tactfully accusing the kashrut
supervisions of engaging in a turf war, a war which is claiming the
bakery as a victim.
Notices are being distributed in chareidi areas to inform shoppers
that the Ariel Bakery is currently no longer a mehadrin operation.
(Yechiel Spira – Yeshiva World News Israel)

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