Mitz Pri – Fruit Juice – Geula (Jerusalem)

Mitz Pri – Fruit Juice
Geula, Jerusalem

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi folks,
I happened to get to the Geula area of Yerushalayim today, not having
planned the trip. I made the time to enter the popular Mitz Pri (Fruit
Juice) Store located on HaYeshiva Street, opposite Salon Geula
Electronics and next to the supermarket down the flight of stairs.

With Shabbos on the horizon and Baruch Hashem lots of guests, there is
no time to get into a long report. Bottom line, this guy has NO

He has another one of the bogus Badatz Chatam Sofer photocopied
letters on his wall that is absolutely meaningless and he relies on
the fact that he is situated in Geula and everyone “assumes” he is
Badatz Eida Chareidit or another great supervision.

He has some frozen fruits, berries in particular, that no respectable
Badatz hechsher will give supervision due to the issue of bug

Please, please pass the word around. Many yeshiva and seminary
students are drinking his product, believing “it is Geula so it must
be good”. This guy has no supervision!

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