Chief Rabbinate Udate 009

February 11, 2009
The Chief Rabbinate’s Kashrut Division conducted inspections in the Chadera area, listing a number of the businesses that were inspected.

1.    Armon David Hall (75 Weizman St. – Chadera)
2.    Pecan Forest Hall (8 Tzahal St. – Chadera)

During the inspection, meat suspected as non-kosher (traif) was found. Making things worse, the meat had forged stickers and labels attesting to its kosher integrity.

In one of the locales they found packages from the well-known Tibon Veal Company, with the product marked Soft Ribs. The stickers are not from the Tibon firm but forgeries. Follow the link below to the original Hebrew bulletin from the Rabbinate. If you cannot navigate the Hebrew text, you can still see the legitimate label on the right and the forgery to the left. They are both red and the forgery is alarmingly similar.

Another forged label from Tibol [in green and white] was found as well, product code 7290000557074, on meat marked #11(sint) (in Israel, meats cuts are identified by number unlike in N. America the name of a cut is usually used).

An inspection with rabbinical authorities, the Tibol Company and the slaughter house in Argentina revealed the products are indeed forgeries and in no way represent legitimate kosher packages from the company.

One relatively easy way to detect the forgeries is the label is attached to the outside of the vacuum packaging while in compliance with the law, the legitimate one carry the label inside the vacuum packaging.

In an unrelated inspected, packages of meat marked #12 (tenderloin), under the company name Ma’adnei Tela, product code 7290006714169, marked Chalak (glatt) Beit Yosef. Once again, the label is affixed to the outer vacuum packaging, not within as required, alerting inspectors. The experts also realized the bar code belongs to fillet, not the tenderloin. A number of other forgeries alerted the rabbis, including incorrect ink color for the kosher stamp and other markings.

The original PDF Hebrew file may be found on the Jerusalem Kosher News group website in the “File” section at

The Rabbinate stresses the legitimate products of the company are indeed under kosher supervision and there is no need to return them or exhibit concern.

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division

Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

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Yechiel Spira

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