Chief Rabbinate Update 004

November 24, 2008

26 Cheshvan 5769

This update, distributed by Rabbi Rafi Yochai of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, is sent to religious councils around the country.

This is NOT a word-for-word translation but does provide an in-depth overview of the Hebrew original.

TRAIF ALERT – The Lev HaSharon Rabbinate reports that a company operating under the name Meshek Zamir LTD (052-555-4946) are not under rabbinical supervision after they were apprehended with traif (non-kosher) meat. The company’s website advertises it is kosher, and the Rabbinate fears it still distributes a forged photocopied kashrut certificate. Meat is from a non-kosher butcher shop called Agnes, located in Tirah.

WARNING – Chocolate and pecan liquor produced under the label Yakvei HaNegev (Negev Wineries) for the Los Latinos Company, is advertising the product as mehadrin, under the supervision of the Badatz Eida Chareidit. The label states in English “Kosher Milky”. It has been learned that the product does not have any kosher supervision whatsoever.

Amko Company “Mizli” (dried fruit product) barcode 7290011501594, marketed under the label Sasson Hacola. Consumers noted it was bug-infested, prompting the Rabbinate inspection. The label states under the supervision of the Prague Rabbinate with import permission from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The kashrut claim is bogus.

Tabor- Syrian Olive Oil – one liter bottles with the label stating Nationwide Rabbinate certification and Chatam Sofer mehadrin. The kashrut claim is bogus.

Tarbush Bakery (08-945-9446) located in Rechovot – also packaging Du La Peh cookies and baked products – The kashrut claim is bogus.

Bat Yam based “Anak HaKa’akim” is no longer authorized to advertise as kosher after if was learned the company was printing bogus labels stating under the supervision of Bat Yam Rabbinate and Badatz Beit Yosef.

Shimna oil, located near Moshav Chagor – does not have a kashrut certification despite claims to the contrary. Inspectors found non-kosher oil on the premises.

Yehuda Regional Council Rabbinate has temporarily removed the kashrut certification of the 4 Seasons Catering due to “severe kashrut violations” that are not detailed in the report.

ZuZuba Restaurant in Afula – located on HaNasi Street – advertises as kosher mehadrin. It has no kosher supervision whatsoever.

Catering facility Chagiga B’kfar – advertising under the name Al Kad Café – near Kfar Hess – the establishment was caught serving food lacking any kosher certification as well as meat and milk products together. Rabbis are not permitted to conduct wedding ceremonies in the hall, which currently has no kosher certification.

Deli Cream Ice Cream – Netivot – advertises as kosher but has no kashrut certification whatsoever.

Following are stores advertising as kosher without authorization or had their certification revoked.

The Moshava HaGedola – lost its certification.

Ugot Shel Rachel – lost its certification for non-compliance with Rabbinate directives.

Shilat Café on Shimshon Street – the owners requested to terminate kashrut certification.

Melech HaFalafel – kashrut certification revoked due to violations.

Armon Hall – 60 Histadrut Blvd – lost its kashrut certification.

Abu Nassr Falafel – Old Shuk – lost its kashrut certification.

Ichut (Quality) Bakery – near Kfar Bialik – falsely advertising that it is under the supervision of Rabbi Yaakov Mor-Yosef.

Shuki meats and mini market and take home food – 2 HaKalanit St. and a second location -  both have lost their kashrut certification.

Kikar HaChama Bakery  and Deli Cream Ice Cream – 4 Samilo Street – no kashrut supervision.

Shaul Restaurant – 45 Eilat St – no kosher supervision despite claims to the contrary.

Grill Bar – 47 Yehuda Halevy St – Advertises as kosher. Does not have a Rabbinate supervision.

Bazil Congress Restaurant – 141 Even Givrol St – kosher certification revoked.

Bar Kokis Bakery – 31 She’erit Yisrael St – Advertises under the supervision of Tel Aviv Rabbinate but is not.

Ola Tortia Bar Restaurant – 2 Mikve Yisrael St – Advertises as kosher but has no supervision.

Eldin Bakery – in the central bus station – third floor – posts Shemen HaMishcha non-authorized kashrut agency. No Rabbinate certification.

Super Toast – Central bus station – 6th floor – posts Shemen HaMishcha non-authorized kashrut agency. No Rabbinate certification.

For wedding halls, catering establishments and other locations – please release workers on erev Shabbat in time to reach their homes in time for Shabbat, the absolute latest 45 minutes before Shabbat.

No wedding ceremony is to take place on Friday after 13:00 in the summer and 12:00 in the winter. The last course of a meal may not be served later than three hours before Shabbat.

Special attention and alert to supervising rabbis in supermarkets and other stores which frequently carry donuts on Chanukah to ensure that carry proper kosher certification.

Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division

Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

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