Kosher Info-Alert- Muller Yogurt

I just came from Geula and looked over the dairy section as is not
part of my daily routine – visiting different stores.

I was pleased to see that the new imported Muller yogurt is also
available in 0% fat, not just the 3% fat. I could not find the Agudat
Yisrael hechsher however so I asked the owner if he could help.

In short, he too was surprised, assuming the low fat had the same
hechsher as the 3%. He told me he did not look, but when the
representative offered it to him, he took a quantity.

The 0% is under the Rabbanut Petach Tikvah, not stating “mehadrin” or
displaying the Agudat Yisrael hechsher on any of the fruit flavors he
carried, which is perhaps more complicated this year, shmitah,
regarding the fruits since Israel does export to Europe and the fruit
may be problematic too [not only during shmitah year however].

Lesson learned – we must grow accustomed to inspecting all new items
and it is probably sound advice to look at familiar products, at least
from time-to-time.

He told me he will contact the distributor and perhaps, when I stop in
next time, there will be an explanation.

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