Lalush Bakery – Agrippas St. (Jerusalem)

Sunday, March 17, 2008

A new bakery opened this week on Jerusalem’s Agrippas Street, located
at number 34. The Lalush Bakery is quite impressive, and without a
doubt adds to the many already intoxicating smells in the shuk area.

That said, I went in and was disappointed when I asked to see the
kashrut certificate – there was NONE to show, despite the store’s sign
promptly stating the new store is “mehadrin”.

I toured the store and saw many packaged baked goods, with many of the
sealed packaged exhibiting a label stating the products are under the
supervision of a local rabbinate and Chug Chatam Sofer. The address on
the label indicates baking is done in a factory in the Shilat
Industrial Zone, in the Modi’in area.

There was however a large quantity of freshly baked rolls, baguettes,
cookies and other fine baked products, but no kosher certificate
indicating the on-site products have any supervision whatsoever. There
was no mashgiach on premises.

When I questioned the cashier, a nice young lady who appeared somewhat
overwhelmed in dealing with her new post, she promptly stated the
store is “mehadrin, to which I replied “which mehadrin?”

That was met with “sorry, I do not have any idea. They just told me to
tell customers mehadrin”.

There are a number of products, baked goods and more, displaying
different local rabbinate supervision on their label, and some without
any supervision.

The company’s website, also states mehadrin, but does
not offer any more information to back this up. The site does show
photos of the firm’s array of breads, burekas and more, but I cannot
find any page even hinting at the kashrut standard or supervision.

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