eLuna Requires Verification

For those of you relying on the eLuna.com website for kosher
information, I would like to point out that you might wish to verify
kashrut prior to heading out for lunch or dinner.

I checked a number of restaurants and the kashrut information listed
on the website is not necessarily up-to-date.

In my OPINION, even if you call ahead, one should either ask to have a
copy of the kashrut certificate faxed or look at it prior to seating
yourself for a meal. Make certain to also check the date to ensure the
certificate is not out of date. I have had this occur too.

As I explained in earlier postings, koshers certifications seem to
change quite frequently and it would be a Herculean task for the
website to remain updated unless each eatery would make certain to
submit regular updates, which does not appe

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