Eating Out in the Bus Station – Jerusalem

All information accurate on the morning of February, 24, 2008.

Yes, it appears there are a number of “part 1″ reports, but that
should provide some encouragement – leading you to believe there is
more to follow. With G-d’s help I will find time and energy to follow-
up, which is my actual intention here.

For now, I seem to be pulled towards covering some ground to obtain an
overall overview of kashrut in the capital, the Malcha mall, bus
station, downtown and so-forth. Then perhaps I can begin trying to
interview individual eateries, their rabbinical supervisors and so-

Feel free to offer some feedback, since to date; it is somewhat like
writing in a vacuum, with very little idea just how the information is
being digested on your end, the reader.

Anyway, let me make a blanket statement at the onset, saving the
repetition throughout the report. Of the kashrut supervisions that
exist in the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, Badatz Nachlat Yitzchak,
Badatz Keter Kashrut
, Jerusalem Rabbinate, Jerusalem Rabbinate
, there was not a single mashgiach to be found.

I asked in every store, without exception, and there was no mashgiach
present, plain and simple. Responses from workers included, “maybe he
is around,” or “I do not know” or “never saw the guy” or just a blank

For the Keter Kashrut, it is the same name that appears on all the
documents, and for the Rabbanut Mehadrin, saw the name Rabbi Meir
Herschler and I will try to contact him and ask the appropriate
questions. I must obtain a telephone number for him. It did not appear
on the certificates so I must dig via the Jerusalem Rabbinate’s
bureaucracy. It isn’t happening today or tomorrow.

For now, in part 1, I will list the eateries and the supervision
posted. There are no additional facts to add at this time. Listings
according to location in the bus station, first, second and third

The same general warning as usual applies here too – not everything
you see is kosher and you must inspect each item when buying candies
and articles, especially those imported.

For those who do care, there is a problem in the Food Court of people
eating on the tables, mixing meat and dairy, not adhering to requests
for separation by sides. That is reality. Some use napkins, trays and
so-forth, but adherence is skimpy at best from what I observed on a
busy Sunday morning, with a majority of the seats taken by military
personnel, apparently grabbing a bite before embarking on their week
of service.

I believe the problem stems in part from many soldiers being unaware,
and others wishing to sit with friends while some are enjoying dairy
and others delicacies from meat restaurants.

Just my own two cents here – not based on profound research or a major
sociological study.

Main Floor
*       Aroma Kosher Café – Jerusalem Rabbinate
*       Burger Ranch – Jerusalem Rabbinate
*       Ne’eman Bakery – Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin
*       Deli Manjoo – Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin (I must point out that
the name Deli Manjoo is what the food cart’s display states but the
kosher certificate is made out to G.G. Judaica, which could
legitimately by the business name. The worker [understandably so] was
clueless. It is the fresh cream cake cart opposite the main entrance
to the right of the escalator going up.

Second Floor
*       Korus Coffee – Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin
*       Pitzukei Yerushalayim – (candy/nut store) Jerusalem Rabbinate -
“Shmitah K’halacah” not “Jerusalem Mehadrin”. Don’t ask me what this
means. New one for me. I must inquire and see what “K’halacah” means
*       Teyavon Bakery – Badatz Keter Kashrut – dairy
*       Mizracha – Badatz Keter Kashrut – meat
*       McDonald’s – no supervision (see note 1)
*       Hollywood Popcorn – Rabbanut Mehadrin

NOTE 1: The sign at McDonald’s states that all the ingredients are
kosher, and the store has total separation between meat and dairy. It
adds that they have sought to obtain a kosher certificate but are
unable to obtain one since other McDonald’s stores are not kosher.
This branch states it is also closed on the Sabbath.

Second Floor – Food Court
*       Domino Pizza – Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin
*       China Town – Badatz Keter Kashrut – meat
*       Shnitzli – Badatz Keter Kashrut – meat
*       Pita Plus – Badatz Keter Kashrut – meat
*       Breakfast – Badatz Keter Kashrut – dairy
*       Burgers Bar – Badatz Keter Kashrut – meat
*       Henri’s – Badatz Keter Kashrut – dairy

Top Floor
*       Café Net – Badatz Nachlat Yitzchak – dairy
*       Pizza Shneiya – Badatz Nachlat Yitzchak – dairy
*       Hot Dog – Badatz Nachlat Yitzchak – meat

Hearty appetite – next stop, I think I will begin with Jerusalem
hotels and then perhaps, begin reporting on the hospitals. Who knows?

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