Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Update #10

February 21, 2008

Following is an English overview of the latest Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Update:

1.    Acting on information received, inspectors visited a bakery operating at 5 Hashmonaim Street in Bnei Brak and found that breads labeled as whole grain and organic were marked under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Bnei Brak. They also found labels from “Lachmeinu Bakery” located in Bat Yam, also stating the baked goods were under the supervision of the Bat Yam Chief Rabbinate. Regarding claims of supervision from Bnei Brak, they are fraudulent and regarding the Lachmeinu Bakery, it does have supervision from the Bat Yam Rabbinate but consumers are warned to make certain their breads are indeed form their bakery and not the fraudulent one on Hashmonaim Street.
2.    Rishon L’Tzion kosher inspectors have once again removed the supervision from the Pinat HaShlosha Restaurant after finding deficiencies in the establishment’s adherence to kosher directives. The restaurant, located at 20 Sacharov Street near the Zahav Shopping Center continues to present itself as kosher despite the fact the rabbinate no longer gives its supervision.
3.    Cheese being marketed under the name “Feta” (barcode 5201704058105), manufactured by the Sole Company in Budapest, Hungary and imported by Tamir Importers in Beit Dagan, advertises itself as under the supervision of Yoreh Deah (Rabbi Machpud) and approved by the Chief Rabbinate. The supervision applies to a specific run which was mehadrin, supervised from the time of milking but the imported packages do not display manufacture codes as required. Therefore, the Chief Rabbinate warns there are grounds for suspicion and one should be aware that the cheese may indeed be “chalav nachrei” and not supervised “chalav yisrael” cheese as indicated. It is suggested that retailers immediately return the cheese to the importer.
4.    ATTENTION: Recently there are ears of corn being sold in vacuum packing stating “cooked sweet corn” without any added preservatives (barcode 8413567031042), being sold in branches of SuperSol supermarkets. The corn is being imported by SuperSol from Spain, marked as kosher mehadrin with the approval of the Chief Rabbinate. An inspection revealed the product has never been granted any kosher supervision by the Chief Rabbinate and the corn is ordered off supermarket shelves.
5.    Soya oil under the name “Shemen Ohr”, manufactured by the Yunka Gida Company from Turkey, imported by L’Lu LTD (6 HaBurskai Street, Bat Yam) bearing an OU certification on the original label [as opposed to the Hebrew import label, usually a sign of legitimacy of a product]. An inspection of the product reveals it has not received the kosher supervision and is ordered removed from shelves immediately.
6.    The Assif Yanuv Company has supplied an order for Thyme and Rosemarie from an unspecified Tzfat (Safed) hotel. The kosher supervisor inspected found the bags of the spices had been tampered with, and as a result it was learned, the company listed on the label does not at all deal in this product, revealing the fraudulent activity. The responsible parties are being sought after by kosher inspectors. The rabbinate reiterates that care and vigilance must be exhibited in dealing with the purchase of greens, which should be from reliable reputable firms, and inspections of bills of lading and packaging data must be compared to validate a shipment.
7.    The Chief Rabbinate has learned that a product labeled as dried duck breast (barcode 8425835031067) is being sold outside of Israel labeled kosher for Passover under the supervision of the Badatz Leone France, approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The label states “Collverd” in English, from Spain, imported by K.P. Importers in Ashdod. The Chief Rabbinate warns it has not given any kosher certification to this product.
8.    A flyer circulating in the Modi’in area states that the eatery “Meats on the M Derech”, operated by the Davush brothers, located on the Truman/Shoham Road is under the supervision of the Modi’in District Rabbinate. The Rabbinate announces this is not the case and the flyer is fraudulent.
9.    The Netivot Rabbinate wishes to remind the public that Tapuchips potato chips manufactured by Elite has two distinct levels of kosher this year, a shmitah year. Some are made from potatoes imported from abroad or from non-Jews while the others are manufactured from potatoes relying on the heter-mechira. One must read the kosher certification on the potato chip bags.

When it states a business has lost its kosher certification, it refers to the local rabbinate kashrut certification.

•    ASHER COUNCIL DISTRICT: The “Tibulit and Ta’amim” factory in Kibbutz Yisor has lost its kosher certification as of February 2nd.ruary 6th.
•    ASHER COUNCIL DISTRICT: The Pekin Hostel in Pekin has lost is kosher supervision as of Feb 6th.
•    ASHER COUNCIL DISTRICT: The David & Yonatan catering in Kibbutz Yihiam has lost its kosher certification as of January 1st.
•    KIRYAT ONO: The BaSar L’Kol butcher at 20 Montefiore Street has lost its kosher certification
•    OR YEHUDA: Hasla Restaurant at 5 HaYotzrim Street advertises to be kosher/dairy by the local rabbinate. It does not have the local rabbinate’s supervision.
•    NAHARIYA The swarma store located at Derech Yehiam has been granted kosher mehadrin supervision again – now under new management.
•    ZICHRON YAAKOV: Speed store on Miyasdim Street states it is under the Rabbinate of Kiryat Motzkin. This is fraudulent.
•    KIRYAT ATA: Derech Basar Catering at 58 HaAtzma’ut Street states kosher under Yoreh Deah but does not have any certification by the local rabbinate as required by law.
•    RISHON L’TZION: Kliyat Yiftach in the  Midalei Ha’ir Shopping Center – kosher supervision removed half year ago. Labels of products still state kosher mehadrin under the supervision of Rishon L’Tzion Rabbinate.
•    TEL AVIV: Grill Place at 105 Yarkon Street states kosher mehadrin under Tel Aviv Rabbinate. It has no supervision from TA Rabbinate.
•    TEL AVIV: Skyfor Hall at the Tel Aviv pier no longer is supervised by the Tel Aviv Rabbinate and should not be booked for weddings.
•    TEL AVIV: Ichud Misadot at the entrance to Beit Manbi, 24-27 Mered Street, is not under the supervision of the TA Rabbinate and it does state to be under the supervision of an unauthorized supervising agency.


Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Update #10 [2] – February 21, 2008

Forgotten item:
The Chief Rabbinate states that the majority of bananas found in Israel today are kedushat shvi’it and therefore, must be treated accordingly, compelling one to adhere to laws governing produce that is holy during the shmitah year.

Not all stores have signs indicating the bananas have kedusha and as such, one must assume that this is the case unless one knows with absolute certainty that the contrary is true.

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