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Eating Out in the Bus Station – Jerusalem

All information accurate on the morning of February, 24, 2008. Yes, it appears there are a number of “part 1″ reports, but that should provide some encouragement – leading you to believe there is more to follow. With G-d’s help I will find time and energy to follow- up, which is my actual intention here. read more »

Catering Hall Pitfalls

My wife and I recently made a wedding and due to our oversight, fell victim to a pitfall. Our son was married in a hall where a daughter was married in 2005, in Jerusalem. Due to numerous circumstances, a series of oversights perhaps, no one actually inquired as to the hechsher until two weeks before read more »

The Jerusalem Greater Triangle – Part 1

The Jerusalem Greater Triangle – Part 1 February 20, 2008 Well, I did not get to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station to begin my report on that location yet, but I do have what I will call “Part I” of a report covering the Greater Jerusalem Triangle, King George Street, Jaffa Road and Ben-Yehuda Street. read more »

Yoshon and Chodosh

February 15, 2008 Pronounce it as you will, Israeli or Ashkenazi, but there is a growing awareness of the issue of Yoshon, referring literally to “old wheat” – crops that were planted and took root before 16 Nissan. Yoshon is applicable to the five grains: wheat, oats, spelt, rye and barley. This all begins with read more »

Malcha Mall – The Kosher Scene Parts I-IV

Malcha Mall – The Kosher Scene Part I This is the first installment in what will be at least a two-part series, providing a bit of a look at the eateries at Jerusalem’s premier mall, Malcha Mall. All the information is accurate as of Monday, February 11, 2008, when I conducted my visit. All the read more »

Shmitah Basics for the Novice

February 4, 2008 Visiting Israel this year and next will certainly present some challenges to the shmitah-concerned consumer. In a nutshell, there are three shmitah categories; shmitah l’mehadrin, kedushat shvi’it, and heter mechira. The hareidi population by-and-large observes shmitah l’mehadrin, as do many not affiliated as hareidi, which in essence means using produce from non-Jews, read more »

eLuna Requires Verification

For those of you relying on the website for kosher information, I would like to point out that you might wish to verify kashrut prior to heading out for lunch or dinner. I checked a number of restaurants and the kashrut information listed on the website is not necessarily up-to-date. In my OPINION, even read more »

Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Update #10

February 21, 2008 Following is an English overview of the latest Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Update: 1.    Acting on information received, inspectors visited a bakery operating at 5 Hashmonaim Street in Bnei Brak and found that breads labeled as whole grain and organic were marked under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Bnei Brak. They read more »