No Star-K Hechsher in Jerusalem

have written to the Star-K inquiring as to restaurants in Jerusalem
misleading the public into believing they are under the organization’s
supervision. Star-K is a well-established and a well-trusted name in
kosher supervision as anyone in America knows.

In proximity to the stores kosher certificate, Jerusalem Rabbanut
Mehadrin is a large Star-K, leading us to also believe the well-known
agency stands next to the Jerusalem Rabbinate in certifying the
eatery. Correct, there is no actual sign stating the place is under
the supervision of Star-K. I am just trying to point out just how
deceptive practices in Jerusalem have become.

Admittedly I did not ask the store owner/manager, but then again, a
number of friends told me the place is now under Star-K as well – so
it is not me alone making such assumptions.

To my profound dismay, I was told in no uncertain terms, as recently
as January 29, 2008, that NO restaurants are under the Star-K in
Jerusalem and claims of using Star-K meat cannot be verified by the
kosher certifying agency. Bottom line, the Star-K is unauthorized and
deceptive, in addition be being meaningless in this case.

Korisin Chinese food, across from Café Rimon on Luntz Street in
Jerusalem is one of the offenders as is Chorus al-Ha’esh in Center
One, next to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

Those able to do so should in my opinion go into those stores and tell
them what Star-K stated, adding they will not eat there as a result.
The more that store owners see they are losing business by not being
straight, the better chance we have of raising the kosher level in the
capital and elsewhere.

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