Badatz Beit Yosef & Yoreh Deah

The Beit Yosef hechsher is under the supervision of Rabbi Ovadia
Yosef, one of the generation’s Torah giants. It is guided by the
halachic rulings of the Beit Yosef, which dictates the day-to-day way
of life for Sephardic Jews.

Beit Yosef is however not accepted by all, primarily Ashkenazim, who
prefer to use an Ashkenazi supervising agency which ensures the path
of the Rama is followed, and not Beit Yosef.

Another prominent agency is Yoreh Deah, under the supervision of Rabbi
Machpud, an extremely reliable agency as well. Once again, many
Ashkenazim will not use it for the same reason.

I must caution you that many of the unauthorized agencies use the
words “Beit Yosef” numerous times on their certificate and in my
OPINION, do so to dupe the general public.

One sees a certificate that says “mehadrin” and “Beit Yosef” and the
next question is “What to order?”

Understand — using Beit Yosef meat is not a guarantee that the place
is operating a kosher kitchen on an acceptable standard. A mashgiach
is required to allay other concerns, which are many, and include
shmitah, orla, trumot and ma’asrot (tithes), checking for bugs in
grains and using the acceptable greens. The list goes on-and-on but I
just want to stress that “Beit Yosef” has become a buzz word to entrap
unsuspecting potential customers so beware.

NOTE: Many kosher certificates say “Beit Yosef” but one must read
carefully, on the top center of the document, inside a majestic crown,
that it states “Under the Supervision of Beit Yosef” (in Hebrew or
course). Rabbi Machpud’s certificate says “Yoreh Deah” on it.

NOTE2: The issue of Ashkenazim not eating Beit Yosef is not just
political, but based on a number of halachic differences between the
opinions of the Beit Yosef and Rama.

As I stated earlier, once the snow clears up, next week blei neder, I
will try to begin getting photos on the site in the hope of providing
additional clarification.

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